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Welcome to Vanguard

“Mankind shares an innermost trait – the desire to explore. To be the first to enter the void, in an unprecedented arena with the cosmos – that is why we are here.”

- DrakoHardt

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Vanguard (VNGD) was formed in September of 2018 by our Founders, DracoHardt and Randrik. They felt there was a true need to have a meaningful yet fun organization in Star Citizen, that listened to and valued its members. Since then we have grown into a quality org, run by an active player base, with a strong emphasis on structure, organization, and training.

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We are a team of members that are passionate about Star Citizen. We accept all players that share our goals and interests, both casual and hard core. Vanguard believes in the rule that real life comes first, and will never tell you to put the organization over your real life, job, and certainly not over your family.

We are a non-exclusive organization. While we’d love it if you want Vanguard to be your primary home, affiliates are welcome.

Members are allowed to do as they please – with the exception of piracy against law abiding players. Leadership reserves the right to blacklist organizations, or prohibit affiliate or primary membership in an organization if membership poses a security risk to Vanguard.

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Vanguard is divided in 6 divisions known as Wings, covering all aspects of the game, from combat and mining to competition and content creation. We understand that an organization can only succeed by combining the strengths of different disciplines. One Wing alone cannot fly, they all need to move in concert to soar.

  • Frontier is focused on all aspects of transportation and commerce.
  • Industries is focused on acquiring and selling resources.
  • Initiative focuses on exploration, science, and data.
  • MedTech is home to our medical and engineering experts.
  • Security is focused on keeping our members safe, and eliminating any threats.

The 5 Operational Wings are led by the Command Wing, the administrative and executive heart of Vanguard.

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Vanguard has a comprehensive ranking structure that allows players to help each other grow. Whether you want to focus on becoming an expert as one of our Raptors, or command and inspire, we are looking for skilled people to work and play alongside each other. We work closely with our members to identify strengths and promote from within, and encourage growth of both player skills and leadership ability. Vanguard is an organization where you can aim for the stars, and know you’ve got people helping you reach them every step of the way.

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Membership in Vanguard does not require all members to be a primary member of the Vanguard organization and may be set as affiliate. Leadership reserves the right to request members disassociate with Organizations that have been identified as a Security Risk to Vanguard.

We are a team of players that are passionate about Star Citizen. While some of our members are hardcore players, we do not require our members to be hardcore players, and welcome all players that share our goals and interests. Vanguard believes in the rule that real life comes first and will never tell you to put the org over your real life, job, friends, or family.

All members are allowed to do as they please – with the exception of piracy against law abiding players. There is no obligation to participate in any activities. However if you decide to participate in a specific activity, you shall follow the command of the leader of that activity. This is to ensure everybody will have a fun time playing. Less Drama, More Fun!

Why Join Vanguard?

  • • Highly active, tight-knit community
  • • Optional Events and Operations almost every day of the week
  • • Focus on Quality over Quantity – Community comes first
  • • Casual Players Welcome – We’ll have your back
  • • Training & Practice – We work hard to find the best ways to do things in game, and provide lots of opportunities to learn and improve
  • • Strong contingent of competitive players regularly in the top ranks of Arena Commander & Star Marine
  • • Access to a Member’s Only site with forums, events, information, and tooling for individual and high-level play

Membership Requirements

  • • Must have and use Discord. Applications will only be approved after visiting our Discord channel.
  • • Headset strongly recommended.
  • • Must be at least 18
  • • Must not cause drama
  • • Affiliates are welcome, but some rank restrictions will apply*

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Real life first

The vast majority of members have families and a real life, and we firmly believe that keeping these things before gaming is the best way to go. Never feel bad, and never put anyone down, for having to take care of real life.

Drama free zone

Most of us graduated high school years ago. Leave the teen drama in the school halls. Drama will not be tolerated.

Positivity or the highway

Negativity is a plague that can take over with even the slightest infiltration. Any negative members have got to go. We’re not expecting fluffy bunnies and rainbows 24/7, but don’t be a debbie-downer!

Be respectful

Treat others the way you’d want to be treated. Treat all your fellow members and our allies with respect.

No jerks allowed

Being a jerk is not acceptable. We won’t accept jerks as clients, vendors, or members. We will never be jerks. Life’s too short.

Always go above the call of duty

Never accept “good enough” for yourself. Do the best for yourself and your organization. This ideal should be lived and remembered every day!

We Play The Game We Have

The game is still being built, right beneath our feet. Stay up to date with the current mechanics, learn how things work, and embrace changes as they come. Plan for the future, but be well familiar with the present, and make the most of it.

Together We Soar

Star Citizen is a massively collaborative game, and it will take many people working in concert to achieve most things. While our Wings are responsible for building our understanding of and expertise in their respective disciplines, all Vanguard members are encouraged to experience the game in as many ways as they like, and no role will ever be limited to membership within a single Squadron, Group, or Wing.

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