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Welcome to the Vanguard Recruitment MobiGlas Portal. Tired of being a lone feather floating among the ether of space? Then choose to join your feather to one of the six Wings of Vanguard (Frontier, Industries, Initiative, Med-Tech, Premiere, or Security) and soar together with us into the unknown!


Discord Link: Vanguard


Vanguard (VNGD) was formed in September of 2018 by DracoHardt. He felt there was a true need to have a meaningful yet fun organization in Star Citizen, that listened to and valued its members. Many of what organizations had lost over the years.

We are looking to become a quality organization, ran by actual members. There are several organizations that claim to be active, structured and organized, which is not always the case. We want to grow organically, with quality members. We are not an exclusive organization, we know there are many citizens who have friends in other orgs. Vanguard is designed to ensure players get the absolute best from their gaming experience. It embraces the hard-working citizen emboldening earth’s honest future in space as well as the darker aspects of the game such as smuggling and subterfuge.

Vanguard believes in quality training for its members, so they feel comfortable when they travel with the other members in the organization. Vanguard therefore places a strong emphasis on the teaching aspect, so that new members can quickly become powerful companions and contribute to the Vanguard community; with a goal that keeps the group entirely non-toxic in nature. We want everyone in the organization to feel confident that they have been tested and proven to do the things they want to do to the best of their abilities, along with the comradery that comes with bonding with mates you rely on.


A feather alone flies away uncontrolled, while feathers together soar as a unified wing.

In order to control and grow in the verse, Vanguard is divided into 6 branching units known as Wings. These Wings only succeed when each member within them work together, yet one wing is not enough to fly. Therefore, every Wing also needs to work together with the others to really maximize our organizations opportunities.

FRONTIER WING: The roles of Frontier are to create and provide transportation and logistics support to the other Vanguard Wings. In addition, this section handles trade, cargo shipping, and mass passenger transit. Lastly, the creation of homestead outposts for Vanguard or selling these services to other organizations.

Transport Group
Commerce Group
Homestead Group

INDUSTRIES WING: Roles of the Industries Wing are all related to acquiring and selling resources, both natural and man-made, within the Verse to help support the organization. These include mining metals and minerals from both planetary and spaceborne bodies, acquiring gases and fuel useful for both science and star travel, and salvaging from abandoned or claimed wrecks of either ships or structures discovered by the team.

Fuel Group
Excavation Group
Salvage Group

INITIATIVE WING: The Initiative Wing is responsible for duties that require, well, initiative. Foremost among these is surveying ahead of Vanguard to identify both danger and points of interest for the other Wings. Exploring the identified points of interest and further cataloguing, physically, those areas. Using science to both further study scientific anomalies along with working on technological discoveries to provide Vanguard with an edge. Finally, conduct data running operations as a courier for clients or obtain data for sale elsewhere.

Discovery Group
Science Group
Data Group

MED-TECH WING: The primary goal of this Wing is to keep both the personnel and transportation of the Vanguard organization healthy and fully functioning. Medical helps keep everyone in Vanguard healthy or conducts search and rescue operations to return them home and nurse them back to health. Repair department focuses on maintaining and repairing our fleet so these individuals have the opportunity to see the entire fleet. Both of these departments also serve critical roles in humanitarian aid missions that require medical or engineering expertise.

Medical Group
Engineer Group
Support Group

PREMIERE WING: Premiere Wing handles the operations that put Vanguard prominently in the eyes of the people of the Verse. One of our members representing our organization in a notable race in a sector, an important dignitary hiring our 890J for a full tour of the Terra system, or having a booth at the upcoming CitizenCon 2949 are all events that fall under the purview of the Premiere Wing.

Public Relations Group
Competition Group
Tour Group

SECURITY WING: This Wing has a responsible burden upon it but those who join usually relish the opportunity to show their skill. Security, first and foremost, handles the defense of Vanguard operations and the protection of our assets. Protection does not always mean defense; sometimes taking the fight to the enemy is required. Both bounty hunting and pirate hunting are conducted by this Wing, to provide safety for the organization or added profit through the hiring out of those services.

Star Force
Vanguard Marines

COMMAND WING: The final wing is Command Wing, the administrative and executive heart of Vanguard. The plans for the present and future of Vanguard as a whole will come from this Wing but the other units of Vanguard will be able to provide input on their needs and desires for what and where Vanguard should go and do while each Wing’s leaders independently run day-to-day. This is not a Wing that can be joined but rather
you are nominated into it by the Vanguard Leadership Board. Command also has a unique organization because of its overarching needs.

Manpower Section (S-1) [Training,Promotions]
Defense Section (S-2) [Intelligence, Security]
Operations Section (S-3) [Planning, Coordination]
Logistics Section (S-4) [Supplies,Facilities,Services]
Signal Section (S-5) [Communications]
Interact Section (S-6) [InterOrg & Verse relations]

Each operations Wing will interact with the Command Wing to understand the most recent overall goals of the organization, and obtain information on the needs for any large planned operations. It is also expected that the leaders of each Wing also communicate with each other so we can all benefit from the resources of the organization, both in personnel, and those of materiel (ships, vehicles, etc). Working together as a unit, small or large, will allow our members to do what they enjoy doing (mining, cargo hauling, dogfighting, scanning, etc) while hopefully avoiding participating in activities they would rather avoid.

As an example, a reclaimer team from Industries Wing loves doing the actual salvaging operations but hates having to stop and haul the goods back to a base to sell it. So a unit from Frontier Wing is contacted to haul the salvage back to base so the Reclaimer can stay out at the wreck. Meanwhile both teams hate having to fight off various pirates or opposing organizations so Security Wing provides support for both parties doing what they love to do, killing things. In this type of operation, you have a Reclaimer, a Caterpillar or maybe several Freelancer MAX doing the hauling, and a group of Sabre and Gladius fighters and possibly a Hammerhead to protect the expensive Reclaimer if the territory is very dangerous. This type of variance and flexibility is not possible with only one person or even a couple at this scale – it is only possible with an organization.


Vanguard (00): Those individuals deemed worthy of joining Vanguard will be given the rank of Vanguard Recruit. You will be addressed as Recruit until it is acknowledged that you deserve to be a Vanguard. Each member of Vanguard is expected to choose a primary focus and a secondary focus so it can be determined how best they can serve the organization. This also allows the member a voice so they can perform activities they would enjoy doing.

Vanguard Chief (01): The Vanguard Chief, or just Chief, has proven themselves capable in one or more roles in their unit. The duties are similar to those of a Vanguard Recruit but some leadership and training responsibility will be expected. A Gunnery Chief from a Hammerhead may be expected to take a new Recruit under their wing to show them the ropes and basic training, where the turrets are, teach them the Vanguard principles, etc.

Vanguard Master Chief (02): A Vanguard Master Chief, have proven to be extremely competent in their chosen role, and more than likely, more than one role. Master Chiefs have taken on multiple responsibilities usually in training, organizing, and assisting the officers in Vanguard, along with having proven their worth to the organization over time. These are the top non-officer leaders and the backbone of our operational efficiency as they focus on everyone getting their jobs done THIS IS THE HIGHEST RANK FOR AFFILIATE MEMBERS.

Group Captain (03): Group Captains are the beginning officer level of Vanguard. Minimum rank to run a Group within a Wing. The Captain is a main member of Vanguard that has proven their ability in multiple areas along with s knack for leadership, training, or a particularly desired skillset. They lead specific Group departments within Wings such as Mining in Industrial or Data Running in Initiative. Others at this rank are focused on overall leadership in a certain area like communications, logistics, or similar at the Wing level that applies to all Groups within it.

Wing Commander (04): The Wing Commander is commonly found directing the operations of one of the six standard Wings or directing day-to- day operations of the Command Wing under the guidance of the Star Marshals. Exceptions exist for some extremely skilled Group Captains that are promoted to this rank due long service and dedication to the success of the organization. These commanders are the ones all members should contact for questions about anything happening in their Wing of no one else has an answer.

Fleet Marshal (05): The Fleet Marshals are the overall leaders of Vanguard. Most commonly found within Fleet Command, they are the driving force behind the strategic, longterm direction of our organization. They don’t stay back behind the lines though but lead from the front, what else could you expect from founders of Vanguard! Our founders, Dracohardt, Randrik, were the first to hold this rank and others will follow to help lead Vanguard into the future.

Separating career types into these branching units ensures that all members of Vanguard can find lucrative and reliable cooperative work in the game that promotes mutual self-interest while teaching how to thrive and survive in a universe that wants you dead.

Vanguard is a an org you can grow and have fun with your friends in. Join today!

Discord Link: Vanguard

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Discord Link: Vanguard

Membership Requirements

Must have and use Discord; headset strongly recommended
Must be at least 18
Must not cause drama


Currently membership in VNGD does not require all members to be a primary member of the VNGD org and may be set as affiliate. Citizens may join ‘club style’ affiliate orgs, but leadership reserves the right to blacklist orgs, or prohibit membership if said membership poses a security risk to VNGD.

We are a team of members that are passionate about Star Citizen. While some of our members are hardcore players, we do not require our members to be hardcore players. We accept all players that share our goals and interests, regardless of them being casual or hardcore. VNGD believes in the rule that “life comes first” and will never tell you to put the Org over your real life, job, and certainly not over your family.

All members are allowed to do as they please. There is no obligation to participate in any activities. However if you decide to participate to a specific activity, you shall follow the command of the leader of that activity. This is to ensure everybody will have a fun time playing. Less Drama, More Fun!

This also means that you do not need to be an hardcore player. Casual players are more than welcome too. If you want to play one time a week just to relax, that’s great! Or do you want to participate at 5 activities a day? This is 100% fine too! As long as you are having fun!

Discord Link: Vanguard

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Discord Link: Vanguard


AN AWESOME COMMUNITY: Vanguard is filled with players that are just as passionate about Star Citizen as your are. Young and Old. All united by the passion of gaming. Once you join Vanguard, you know you will never need to play alone. Every player is here to help each other and have fun!

ACCESS TO THE VANGUARD FLEET: You only own an Aurora or Mustang? No worries! Vanguard has a large amount of ships at the disposal of it’s members.

BETTER PROFITS: Our goal by playing together is not to only have fun, it is also to create more profit for each other. By playing together we can achieve more, which translates to having a bigger profits. Depending on the activity, profits will be shared accordingly. All members are allowed to do as they please, there is no obligation to participate to any activities. However, if you decide to participate to a specific activity, you shall follow the command of the leader of that activity. This is to ensure everybody will have a fun time playing. Less Drama, More Fun!

You do not need to be an hardcore player. If you want to play one time a weak just to relax it is 100% fine. Or do you want to participate in activities all day? This is 100% fine too. As long as you are having fun!


Real life first: The vast majority of members have families and a real life, and we firmly believe that keeping these things before gaming is the best way to go. Never feel bad, and never put anyone down, for having to take care of real life.

Drama free zone: Most of us graduated high school years ago. Leave the teen drama in the school halls. Drama will not be tolerated.

Positivity or the highway: Negativity is a plague that can take over with even the slightest infiltration. Any negative members have got to go. We’re not expecting fluffy bunnies and rainbows 24/7, but don’t be a debbie-downer!

Be respectful: Treat others the way you’d want to be treated. Treat all your fellow members and our allies with respect.

No jerks allowed: Being a jerk is not acceptable. We won’t accept jerks as clients, vendors, or members. We will never be jerks. Life’s too short.

Always go above the call of duty: Never accept “good enough” for yourself. Do the best for yourself and your organization. This ideal should be lived and remembered every day!

Discord Link: Vanguard

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