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Vode An / VODEAN

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We are all brothers…
A collection of fine branded pilots with the urge to explore the verse and seize the unknown. We stand together at all times.
We are well versed in most freelancing works and you will find no more trustworthy partner to explore the verse with.
We may join you in the unknown..


A joined faction of a well cordinated crew who has worked together for years. Krogstaz together with Oya and RedV joined forces to make an organization, a commen ground or brand if you may. The crew of 3 started working with recruitment and picking up those who they saw fittest to be a part of a brotherhood, a family.
A small crew that it is the core consists of people with a vide set of skills, and experince to back it up, they are a small but still a dangerous force to be reckoned with.
Krogstaz has the least experince of the 3 founding members of Vode An and has therfor taken it upon himself to be the representative official of the 3, dealing with alliances and making sure that all information regarding what other factions and jobhandeling is taken care of and staying up to date.
Oya is the clear veteran and the reason for Krogstaz`s part in this vast universe and is seen as the core of Vode An.
Vode An is a freelancing Mandalorian based group, who will take on an jobs, but also to explore and discover what the universe has in store for its travelers.


Vode An is a freelance Mandalore based group of individuals that have a mixed set of skills. There are missions that they will seek out if it is in their intereset. But they will not shy away from a challenge