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Void Raiders / VOIDRAIDER

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  • Piracy
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    Bounty Hunting

The Void Raiders are a mercenary group based in the Stanton system.


The Void Raiders formed in the Stanton system in 2944. The lack of a centralized power in the system allowed the Void Raiders to gain wealth and influence, and in 2946 the group purchased their first capital ship. Since then, operations have continued to expand, and the Void Raiders maintain a small but capable fleet for a variety of missions.



The Void Raiders have gained power by interdicting merchants and civilian ships. Like any business, a good businessman has a reputation to maintain. With that, the Void Raiders follow a struct but simple code:

- When interdicting merchants and civilians, be stern but polite. All Void Raiders are expected to act in a professional manner when dealing with other citizens.

- When negotiating with merchants and civilians, be fair and respectful. Merchants and Civilian pilots make a living off of hauling. All Void Raiders must understand that they are taking profits from another. Being too greedy will result in an unwilling and aggressive citizen.

-When boarding merchant and civilian ships, do not kill unless your life is threatened.