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Void Wing is a group of skilled pilots and crew coming together in the name of profits. We operate in the Void, the area between planets and systems outside of monitored space. Primarily a piracy group, however, our services are vast and are available to the highest bidder. See below for more info.


Our services are vast, and available to the highest bidder. Find yourself in a bind or operating outside of the law? Not able to receive services from law abiding organizations? So long as you have the credits, Void Wing is here to assist you. Contact us on our Discord to make a service request.


Escort and Security

  • Best way to avoid pirates? Hire them. Whether you’re transporting goods, mining, or performing missions, Void Wing is the best best protection option both in space and on the ground.

Prison Extraction

  • Klescher Rehabilitation Facility can be a cruel place, especially if you’ve got a long sentence. Escape is available, but still leaves you stranded the planets surface. Void Wing will ensure that your stay is a short one, extracting you upon a successful escape.

Crimestat Removal

  • Looking to get out from under the long arm of the law? Void Wing can ensure your charges are removed in a secure manner.

Mercenary Work

  • Beef with another organization? Or just looking to take out the competition? Void Wing is available as your gun for hire.

Rescue and Medical

  • Incapacitated or left to die? Void Wing is available to recover and render aid. We’ll even extract you and your cargo if needed.

Interested in Void Wing’s other activities or becoming a member?
Please read the “Manifesto” page for more information


“So you wanna’ fly the void, eh? You ever been in the void? Emptiness so true it creeps into your soul and causes a chill worse than any cryo. But that’s where the real money is, out there, floating along in the hull of some lonely freighter… just waiting for you and me.”

We offer an array services, though Void Wing is primarily a piracy group with a focus on community. We believe that piracy is a integral part of Star Citizens gameplay, and wish to engage is “good faith” piracy. Plainly speaking, we are not looking to grief, bully, or otherwise ruin player experiences. We are looking to engage in a fun portion of game, interacting with other players, and of course relieving them of their credits or cargo along the way.

Void Wing is a varied group of players, when not engaging in a more active piracy role you may find them doing some of the following activities as a community:



  • Fun and dynamic player interactions in a fast pace and high-stakes environment.
  • Good for: Pilots and FPS combat oriented players.

Escort & Security

  • Available as a service for hire
  • We do both AI and player initiated security missions, the highest bidder always wins.
  • Good for: Pilots and FPS combat oriented players.

Prison Extraction

  • Available as a service for hire
  • Whether we’re recovering our own, or a client, Klescher can’t hold everyone.
  • Good for: Pilots.

Crimestat Removal

  • Available as a service for hire
  • Sometimes crimestat’s can be a bother. Whether it’s one of our own, or a client, we’ll ensure it’s removed.
  • Good for: Pilots and FPS combat oriented players.


  • Available as a service for hire
  • We do both AI and player initiated mercenary missions, the highest bidder always wins.
  • Good for: Pilots and FPS combat oriented players.

Rescue & Medical

  • Available as a service for hire
  • Rescue and recovery. We will rescue, provide aid, and recover any cargo.
  • Good for: Pilots and FPS combat oriented players.


Trading and Transport

  • We trade and transport legal and illicit trade goods, if it pays, we’ll haul it.
  • Good for: Pilots, passive income generation.

Mining and Salvage

  • If it can be collected and sold, you can be sure we’ll find a way to profit off it.
  • Good for: Pilots, passive income generation.

Exploration and Espionage

  • Discovering key information about locations and organizations, everything is for sale.
  • Good for: Exploration oriented players.


The following items of the Void Wing charter must be followed by all members:

I. Treat Other Players With Respect

  • Given the nature of our activities, tempers can flare and lash out. It is the duty of all members to hold themselves to a higher standard.

II. Communicate and Follow Orders

  • All members are expected to communicate effectively in English, and follow orders issued by upper ranking members.

III. Stream Sniping and Exploits Prohibited

  • Keeping in line with our desire for fair play, using known exploits or locating targets via a live stream are strictly prohibited.

IV. Maturity Required

  • While we acknowledge that age doesn’t equal maturity, for the sake of simplicity and avoiding any future headaches… the minimum age for members is 20 years old.

V. Pledge Required

  • Members must possess a Star Citizen pledge package.

VI. Anonymity Required

  • All members are required to set their organization visibility to Redacted.