Roberts Space Industries

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Universal Digital Defense Network & Infiltration Company

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Founded in 2011

We are an established community within the FPS, MMO, MOBA, & Mobile genre

Monthly Partnered Giveaways & Hosted Tournaments


We will advance to be an overall power of the Universe within all available categories.

Business will be supported and managed by our team of dedicated employees

More Details Coming Soon


-Abide to the law of the government of the current systems within and/or systems which trade routes run
-Large Infiltration will require approval from Directors and above before engagement
-Alliances are at no time to be attacked or harassed in any way
-Grey Organizations are not to be attacked or harassed until alliance discussions are completed
-All non-alliances organizations are considered enemy until otherwise declared and open for engagement

Terms and Conditions are Subject to Change at any time
Any violations to the rules will result in punishment chosen by your superiors up to termination.
All Assets are of VORT3X gaming ownership even if owned prior to employment and will be recovered with any means necessary