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Roberts Space Industries ®

Vikings on Shrooms / VOS

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Whether ♥︎ Casual ♣︎ Regular or ♠︎ Hardcore , we have a place for you.

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The first sip is for the foe

Vikings on Shrooms intend to have a major presence in Star Citizen as one of the most dedicated organizations in the universe. Through the use of adaptable organizational structure, strong chain of command and a clear set of goals we aim to cut out a piece of the heavens and call it home.

The second is for the friend

For the ones we would like to call friends we intend to be a universal provider of every aspect of security; from corporate operations and commercial risk to planetary investment. If you belong to a friendly organization we can supply you with security, auxiliary forces and small specialised teams trained for covert operations.

The third sip is for you, who is looking for a home

We look for devoted people willing to emotionally invest themselves in the company and its agenda. In return we offer you a unique opportunity to hone your skills, learn new ones, and meet friends for life. Our members stretch from former service members, streamers, teachers and academics to flower girls and students.

Now finish your drink

In order to apply to the company, you will have to go through a recruitment process, ensuring that you are fit to be a Viking. Start by sending in your application here. We will contact you shortly afterwards and schedule an interview, making sure that we are the place where you belong.


All our members abide to the Rules of Engagement

Core (Exclusive) Members agree to the Terms of agreement