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Varangian Pride / VPS

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  • Piracy
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We intend to be the most feared and respected pirates in the known verse.

“I am a free prince, and I have as much authority to make war on the whole world, as he who has a hundred sail of ships at sea and an army of 100,000 men in the field; and this my conscience tells me.”

Ancient Earth Pirate


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Once we were loyal servants of the UEE, we fought for all of humanity as we had been taught to all our lives. Yet we began to see the corruption that the Empire had fallen victim to. The Senate was destroying all that the Emperors of old had built. We were purged of our ranks and shunned as traitors, hunted relentlessly.

Escaping the clutches of the so called United Empire of Earth we’ve carved out our place deep in the stars, waiting, for when the time comes to bring back the Empire to its former glory, we will be ready.

The Varangian name comes from an ancient Earth unit of imperial guards. They were Viking raiders hired by the Byzantine Emperors to be their personal bodyguards. These men were loyal to the Empire, and valued gold and glory above all else. We will carry on that tradition.


Our primary focus is boarding. We want to be the most dreaded encounter in space. As kindly as we can, we will take cargo and ship alike. We will pursue profits by many means, filling our coffers and building an empire.

Want to join The Pride?

We are looking for dedicated PVP focused players who want to excel in all forms of combat (currently FPS and dogfighting). You can be focused on one aspect or be versatile. But we expect dedication to improve in terms of skills, teamwork and results. It will not be easy in the void. That being said, we are not exclusively PVP.

You may apply but we will ask that you join our Discord to get to know you first.

Life on the edge

Considering the activities we are fond of and how the UEE does not take too kindly to us; we will be living on the edge of known space, in proximity to lucrative mining, salvage and exploration opportunities. We have divisions dedicated to these various activities and more for the financial benefit of The Pride and its members.



  1. Never betray a member of the Pride.
  2. Never destroy an escape pod (Vanduul being the exception).
  3. No griefing.


Members may specialize or participate across multiple Divisions.

  • Division of Acquisitions: Ship, cargo and property acquisition.
  • Division of Security: Internal and external security, bounty hunting, escort protection.
  • Division of Commerce: Trade, mining and salvage operations.
  • Division of External Affairs: Alliances, information brokering, espionage and exploration.


  • Recruit: All new applicants will serve a probationary period.
  • Soldier: The backbone of the Pride
  • Sergeant: Those who have proven their mettle in combat and other endeavors will be given a leadership role.
  • Lieutenant: Those that are deemed fit to lead a real force into action. They will command a larger ship and its wing of fighters, lead a large mining operation etc.
  • Lieutenant Commander: Commander of a Division
  • Commander: The Legatus Marinuum of the Varangian Pride

Promotions and Duties

Promotions beyond Soldier will be based upon the skill and leadership of the player and their dedication to The Pride.

Duties will be those posts and tasks assigned to members during org operations. They will be assigned based on results within the Division, your rank and merit