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Viking Tactical Defense Group / VTDG

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Viking Tactical Defense Group is here for all of your security needs. We cater to those needing security for their operations, as well as providing training and/or assistance for Military, Industry, and Medical disciplines.

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Viking Tactical Defense Group was founded in 2951 by a veteran tired of seeing people put down without a way to defend themselves. Today, with the addition of other like-minded members, VTDG extends their reach across the Stanton system and beyond to provide security and safety to all within the verse.


Viking Tactical Defense Group aims to provide defense for anyone deserving of it, and to aid those going to war. Nobody should hold another under their boot, but we will gladly be the ones to burden ourselves with that task. VTDG also maintains Medical, Logistic, and Engineering sectors in order to support the Military sector along with providing assistance and training to third parties.


Viking Tactical Support Group has several rules as follows;

1. Citizens are innocents, and are to be left out of our work. 2. We must help those in need, regardless of the risk. 3. You must not risk your own needlessly. 4. Do your best, and live well.