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VVarMachine / VVAR

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“No mission too dangerous, no threat too serious.”

As a lawful paramilitary organization, we remain dedicated to upholding UEE ideals across un-secured space.

We are an 18+ Organization, open to members from around the world.

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The now infamous paramilitary unit known as VVarMachine can trace its origins back to the mid-27th Century, prior to the first Vanduul incursion into UEE space in 2681. Upon completing their term of service within the UEE Navy, a small group of Sailors and Pilots departed the relative safety of their HQ in the Kilian System to find a corner of the galaxy for themselves. Seeking freedom and adventure after a regimented career of military servitude, they eventually found a home at the edge of the known galaxy: a newly terraformed Planet known as Mya, in the Leir System.

Fast forward a handful of years, a radical group of civilians known as the “Outsiders” arose to power within the Leir system. Enacting stringent laws and enforcing taxes with brute strength, they suppressed trading and communication with outside parties, especially the UEE. The former UEE members within Leir opposed the power shift. The Sailors and Pilots who came seeking freedom resented the idea of another entity dominating their lives. The former brothers-in-arms convened an emergency meeting. Old connections were reforged, memories relived, and a rag-tag ensemble of experienced Veterans vowed to take back their lives for themselves. VVarMachine was born.

Realizing they had the experience but not the numbers to become combat effective, they began recruiting. It offered an attractive alternative to the residents of the Leir system compared to the oppressive bully-mongering of the Outsiders. Its founding members committed to upholding the UEE ideals, with the goal of building a self-sufficient Organization that could operate within the restrictions placed-upon the system by the Outsiders, while covertly resisting its rule.

VVarMachine’s faction began gaining popularity among the civilians of Leir. New members joined daily, and an outright assault plan to liberate Leir was carefully crafted. Ruling Leir was not important. Living a free man’s life was paramount. But before VVAR could make its move, another threat arose: to Leir, and to the entire human race.

In 2681, Humanity got its first taste of conflict with the Vanduul. It wasn’t known at the time, but the Leir system held a small jump-point to a frontier world in Vanduul space – a system known today as “Vanguard”. Upon the discovery of this jump-point by local explorers, it became clear that the Leir system would become a frequent target for Vanduul attacks, due to its high number of trade routes into UEE space that existed before the rise of the Outsiders. VVarMachine saw this threat arise, and took it upon themselves to ensure the safety of Leir’s residents, and ultimately, the UEE’s limited ties to the system.

Since the war with the Vanduul broke out, and lacking the true-grit military experience and hardware of the UEE, the Outsiders infrastructure faltered. VVarMachine was ready. Eager to respond to incoming threats with utmost urgency and prowess, it has expanded its ranks within the Leir system to include former civilians who are now dedicating their time and assets to resource extraction and processing to support the ongoing war efforts in and around the system. While there is little likelihood of the “Outsiders” relinquishing control the government, the residents of the Leir system have come to honor and appreciate the bravery of VVarMachine personnel risking their lives on a daily basis to protect what those residents hold dearly – freedom.

You can find more information about us on our Recruitment Thread or come ask us questions on our Discord


Who are we?

VVarMachine (Tag = [VVAR]) started in February 2013 as a merger between two of the larger New Conglomerate Outfits on the Helios (now merged with Connery) server in PlanetSide 2. Crash Test Dummies (CTD) and Deadly Dose (DDLY) merged to form VVarMachine, aiming to create a large-scale and effective teamwork-based group of players. Since then, our group has grown from an Outift within a single game, into a multi-game community supporting a wide-variety of game genres and players. We are currently active in Planetside 2, Starcraft 2, Battlefield, League of Legends, and more. Much has changed since the creation of VVarMachine, but we are anchored by a core group of founding members committed to building a lasting community in the gaming world. We remain focused on teamwork, maturity, respect, transparency, and providing a welcoming and entertaining place for our members to call home.

What are we building for Star Citizen?

We aim to create a highly organized, UEE-Aligned Paramilitary Organization including its own logistical support forces for players not interested in combat duties within the StarCitizen Universe. Our Fleet will offer players the ability to perform a vast majority of the in-game roles, as we aim to be a self-sufficient combat force operating on the outer-rim of UEE space.

We utilize many MILSIM components, including a ranking system, with each PayGrade (rank) defining the roles which a member can perform within their unit. Advancement requirements from one PayGrade to the next are clearly documented, and are in-place to assure that we can select the most qualified members to potentially serve as leaders within their units and train the members below them.

The system we’ve built is dependent on the Leaders of each unit having a high-level of control, and being deeply involved in recruitment, public relations, branding, training, and operational command of their units. In other words, We are growing this Fleet from the bottom-up, relying on more than just the highest-level of leadership to make decisions that impact the entire Fleet.


VVAR is aligned with the “good” side of the law, and upholds UEE ideals in all circumstances. That means: no piracy, no stealing, period. Instances of these acts being performed in-game will be treated as a code of conduct violation, just like any other.

Code of Conduct

VVAR is a growing community of players. VVAR expects a high level of maturity from its members. This is because every member is an ambassador to the players in the game they play, so every member represents what VVAR stands for. Therefore each and every member is expected to conduct themselves in a manner fitting of the VVAR tag. Below is a list of requirements, expectations, and practices that will facilitate this, and allow us to function as a single VVarMachine.

Be respectful of other players, whether they be friend or foe

Do not taunt, troll, or grief other players in the game. Do not steal property from other players, regardless of who they are. Do not use in-game mechanics to troll friendlies. Creating and using alternate characters to target VVarMachine members, or members of our allied organizations is not allowed. In addition, disrespect can come in the form of unwanted chatter on communication channels when members are trying to play seriously and communicate effectively.

Be civil

Any disagreements should be kept from public channels and resolved in a mature manner through private message or on the VVAR forums. All games can get intense and with many people involved so will disagreements. All players are human and have their own opinions. However, the game is also meant to be fun, so try to let arguments go. Leave politics, racism, sexism, and religious persecution out of VVarMachine; there is plenty of that elsewhere. If there is an issue with another community member notify an Officer and they will bring it up on the forums for review. If the issue is with an Officer, please discuss it with Generals via private communication. Open hostility towards other players, or bad-mouthing of outfit members, through public channels (or any channel if you are caught) is unbecoming of a VVAR member and will not be tolerated.

Absolutely NO harming of our allies or partners

Harming can be anything (but not limited to) from killing, stealing resources or bad mouthing our allies or partners. If you do accidentally harm an ally or partner (such as accidentally killing them) APOLOGIZE IMMEDIATELY! This will help resolve any issues before they become issues.

There is a ZERO-Tolerance Policy regarding hacks and in-game ban-able offenses

If you are caught hacking, or using an in-game exploit that can result with a ban from a game, and the accusation is confirmed by officers, you will immediately be removed from the community. In addition to removal all community members will report you as a hacker. End of story.

Interactions with outside Communities/Organizations

VVarMachine is allied with numerous organizations in the StarCitizen universe, along with others for different games. We have official representatives that conduct diplomatic work in dealing with these other groups, and we encourage our members to network and affiliate with our allies to bolster friendly relations. However, members are not allowed to recruit VVAR members into, or promote for communities, organizations, clans, guilds, etc that are outside our official diplomatic channels. If you belong to groups with which we are not allies, and would like to start official relations between your group and VVarMachine, we will give you every opportunity to do so – however it must be done in an official context, not under-the-table.

Full Code of Conduct is available on our website.