Roberts Space Industries

Wartime Asset and Support Provisioners / WASP

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  • Security
  • Transport

A group of profiteers and mercenaries operating on the fringes of UEE Territory.

Professional Service
No Questions Asked
Reasonable Rates1





1 Moral ambiguity fees may apply


In Midas Res

Shortly after the Attack on Vega and the victory of the UEE 2nd Fleet, The WASP Council recognized the need for further recruitment. The influx of new recruits, with varying levels of experience, allowed for expanded operations. Operations ranged from System patrol, Convoy Protection, Training exercises and Anti-(Pirate/Vanduul) details. With the increase in operations and personnel, The council determined to move WASP Headquarters from their founding system. The council is currently looking into various systems that are closer to their major operating theaters.

Lore is Work In Progress


We have founded ourselves on a simple principle. No military can survive on its own without a solid logistics backbone. We seek to provide that backbone in an independent, self-sufficient manner. Our services go to the highest bidder whether that be UEE Navy, a private corporation, or other group of interest. We are a gray aligned PMC, meaning that we won’t actively hunt down pirates unless we are being paid to provide such a service or they are posing an active nuisance to our operations. Simply said, if you don’t bother us, we won’t bother you.


Our regulations are simple:

We do not tolerate harassment or griefing. If you have evidence of one our members doing this, please join our discord and contact an officer or council member to provide this evidence.