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Welcome to WASP Inc!

We are a multigaming community, first and foremost about working as a team. We plan to expand into Star Citizen slowly as the game develops!

The best way to reach us is through our Website, or Discord


WASP Inc originates from All Points Bulletin, where we were selected as the “Best Closed Beta Enforcer Clan” by the developers, Real Time Worlds. This gave us a lot of prestige, which we have carried forward to this day, nearly two years later in APB: Reloaded. While WASP Inc was originally founded on the European servers in APB, we later expanded our operations to the North American servers as the demand for our particular brand of gameplay grew. We have since moved away from the idea of being a clan solely for APB, and are organizing ourselves into a proper “gaming community.” Since then we have succesfully expanded into Planetside 2 and become one of the strongest forces to be reckoned with on the server and now we are planning expanding our operations into Star Citizen.

We are typically very committed to the games we seriously expand into. In APB we have for example several moderators on the official forums as well as in the testing group for upcoming patches (SPCT) and in the mentor group (SPCM). We are also the only community in APB that is succesfully operating on all the original servers. The background you see on this page is an artwork WASP commissioned from the very same person who has designed the original APB artstyle, RTW’s/Reloaded Production’s ex-senior artist “Omochabox”. We’ve also been uploading regular content from APB: Reloaded to our YouTube channel for 3 years now. In Planetside 2 we also have presence in the community council and we had a major role in establishing a strong New Conglomerate alliance (NCTO) on our server that is still very active to this day. Below you can see a recruitment video we made a while back for Planetside 2.


WASP Inc strongly emphasizes teamwork. We don’t care about your backgrounds or nationality, as long as you are capable of communicating clearly in English and are willing and able to work as a team. We have declined extremely skilled applicants in the past, simply because they were unable to work well with a team. While individual skill does make a difference, it is far more important to us that you be able to work with your squad members effectively. In regards to this, all members are required to use Teamspeak 3 when playing with other members. We try to hit a sweet spot between being organized and playing serious, but still fairly laid back and being able to have a laugh.


Section I: Cheating

WASP Inc does not condone either of the following:

•Hacking: The use of any third party programs which directly or indirectly give you an unfair and unintended advantage over other players in the game. (Aimbots, Wallhacks, Triggerbots, Illegal Macros, etc)
•Exploiting: The use or abuse of glitches, bugs, or bad progranming within the game which gives you an unfair and unintended advantage over other players in the game.

Use of either of these will see you immediately removed from WASP Inc.

Section II: Behavior

WASP Inc is a respectable gaming community, and we expect all of our members to act as such both in game and on public and private forums and chats.

Show respect to other players, regardless of if they are deserving of it.

•Do not be belligerent or insulting to other players, publicly or in private.
•Do not accuse, either publicly or privately, other players of hacking or exploiting. Report the person in an appropriate manner and move on.

If you have a problem with another player in WASP Inc, be the bigger person and walk away. Report the problem to an Officer and let them handle it.

Section III: Organization

WASP Inc members are expected to follow the instructions of those who outrank or are appointed above them, so long as they do not contradict this Charter.

WASP Inc has several Game and Server Divisions which are for organizational purpose for each game. All applicants will need to apply for a specific Game and Server Division.

WASP Inc presently has two organizational Companies in each game: HIVE, and STING.

•HIVE is the general member pool, where all of those who are accepted into WASP Inc start
•STING is WASP Inc’s Tournament level Company. Only very skilled and team-oriented players are considered for membership in the STING Company.

Upon joining WASP Inc, new members will be Probationers. Probation lasts for a minimum of two weeks, during which the new member will be evaluated for their compatibility with WASP Inc. At the end of this Probation period, new members will be either promoted to Operator or removed from the clan.

Positions in WASP Inc are as follows:

Probationer – Trial Member of the WASP Inc Community

HIVE Member – Full Member of WASP Inc in the HIVE Company of their respective Division (Game/Server)

STING Member – Full Member of WASP Inc in the STING Company of their respective Division (Game/Server)

Company Support Officer (CSO) – WASP Inc Member that is willing and capable of taking a position of responsibility within its Division. A CSO’s job will vary depending on what is needed.

Company Officer (CO) – A general Officer within a specific Division (Game/Server)

Division Commander (DC) – The lead Officer in any given Division (Game/Server)

Community Manager (CM) – A WASP Inc Officer who helps to determine policy and manage the logistics of our Community as a whole.

HIVE and STING Member Ranks

Probationer – Trial member of WASP Inc

Operator – Awarded upon completion of Probation

Section IV: Activity

•Members are expected to remain active on the forums and in game.
•Members are expected to notify WASP Inc via the forums if they will be inactive for longer than a week.
•When in game, members are expected to be on Teamspeak or Discord. Especially when playing with other WASP Inc members.
•Members are expected to try to play with other members of WASP Inc before playing with other random players in the game.
•WASP Inc should be your primary group for any game that you play with WASP Inc. Ensure you dedicate a sufficient amount of time to WASP Inc.