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I see you have taken an interest in the WCKD way of life?

Join our Discord and have a chat.


The Year 2945 our Organization was envisioned. An organization to rival that of the UEE. From that year embarked our battle for Supremacy


WCKD doesn’t tip-toe the line between good and evil. It plants a armored boot on that line and kicks up dust. We have one goal in mind. To build an Empire that rivals that of the UEE, and All options are on the table.

We seek to find and/or create professionals; From Combat Specialists to Artisan Merchants.

We are a semi-serious Organization. We are soft on RP and we intend to enjoy the game to its fullest extent as an Organization.


- Establish Territorial Dominance.
- Explore and Colonize
- Become an Economic Powerhouse

If all of these appeal to you please consider dropping an application by the closest WCKD territory near you.

Looking for mature players.


Equality is a lie. There is no spoon.

Refer to our CoC or RoE.

So now hit it with your PURSE!!!