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For All Mankind / WELIVE

  • Organization
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Bounty Hunting
    Bounty Hunting
  • Exploration

For All Mankind (WeLive) is designed to operate as an entity of justice for those who are wronged. We are the protectors of the ‘Verse.

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It’s the beginning of the 21st century and 3 members of the past United States Air Force joined together and founded For All Mankind as a last ditch effort to help their community bounce back from the turmoil it was in.

Toward the end of life, one of the founders volunteered to be frozen in hopes to come back one day to reestablish it’s once lived out purpose.

In the early middle of the 31st century, Dizzle awoke from his cold sleep and underwent an aging process. Now, back to his former glory in life he sought out the whispers of those knowing who and what For All Mankind used to be.

Once found, in 2946, a starting of a PMC chartered by the now UEE went underway. At a time of confusion and mass population between many peoples in the ‘Verse. It’s sole purpose was to maintain satellites and comm-arrays.

Since then, it’s goal has been to look out for the little guy as it operates as a PMC for those in need of protection

Main Base of Operation is out of Prime, Capital city of Terra III, currently operating in the Stanton System.

We are here. Watching in the deep pockets of space. Partnered with the Galactic Union.

We Live For All Mankind.


We intend to protect those in need of protection, no matter the costs.

All jobs come at a cost. Either a client can hire us on for a protection detail or to hunt down a wanted individual (not green)

We can currently work any corner of the galaxy given time to prep and travel.


Looking for talented individuals to fill singular to multiple roles. These roles are listed in our Ranking Structure.

NOTE: Even though the “Ranks” are numbered, we are EQUALS as individuals. As for a Chain of Command, please see Section 2: Chain of Command in our Charter.

We are in need of:

Rank 5: Science Director x 1
Rank 5: Science Director x 1
Rank 4: Divisional Section Leaders x ~5
Rank 3: Upper Management x ~10
Rank 2: Middle Management x ~10
Rank 1: Entry Level x Always looking.

Rank 0 is reserved to label our Clients in our Rosters.

Ranks 5 down to 1 can be filled from the top down. Meaning a Rank 5 / Director can do any assignment that would fall under Ranks 4 through 1. Whereas Rank 4 through 1 cannot operate in an official capacity during a mission or Client Request as a Rank 5 Director. A Rank 3 can operate on the ground as a Leader (as needed) or member. A Rank 2 can fill Rank 1 but cannot operate in an official capacity during a mission or Client Request as a Rank 3. Rank 1 is is all Entry Level personnel, both Enlisted and Officers. This also includes other positions for personnel to start out as a medic, mechanic, industrialist, and other jobs within the PMC.

NOW – Constellation (Dedicated Turret gunners and console runners)
NOW – Carrack (Dedicated Turret gunners and console runners)
Future – Idris / Kraken (Will need Dedicated Turret gunners, console runners, and Solo Pilots as well)

Our Discord for immediate communication is our ECN above.


Section 1: General Rules and Regulations
1.1 All members will adhere to all General Rules and Regulations as well as all other Sections within this Charter.
1.2 No member will deem themselves better than another member as we are equals outside of the mission.
1.3 No member will have any affiliation, connection, or history with any Syndicate or pirate organization.
1.3.1 Along with Section 1.3, no member will accept any unlawful mission and will reject all offers regardless of the cost.

Section 2: Chain of Command
2.1: The leader and founder of For All Mankind is [WELIVE] CMDR Dizzle and said individual will have final say on all official functions and PMC decisions.
2.2: All Directors are 2nd to PMC Command, and are the final line of the CoC before the Leader.
2.3: Management Personnel and ship leaders are in charge of all personnel on there ship. This includes all Ground Team Leaders and Ground Team members aboard the ship.
2.4 Team Leaders are and will be held responsible for all actions by the Team Members under their command.
2.5 Team Members are responsible for the completion of all official matters pertaining to the securing of items and or client personnel both on the ground and in space and then making sure those items get to their final destination.

Section 3: Affiliates Working Under The FAM
3.1 All affiliates will adhere to all Sections within this Charter.