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Roberts Space Industries ®

Sky High Security / WERTHSTRTS

  • Syndicate
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Security
  • Piracy

Sky High Security…How High?….Effin High Bro


Welcome to Sky High Security, dont look down as you soar to new heights in your journey among the ever evolving verse. Whether its mining, trading, bounty hunting, and even more sinister approches to your time spent in the verse, Sky High Security will be a part of the action. Sky High Security was founded by the imfamous CaptainSpalding, a highly decorated UEE pilot and his most trusted wingman Alphadab after the end of the first Xeno Threat incursion into the Stanton sytem. After 20 years of service and fresh off thier last tour of duty, the pair set off to form an elite security team, Sky High Security…. Today, SHS has established themselves as one of the most revered Organizations in the verse, with its Generals, Officers, and enlisted working together to create peace among the chaos, and when necessary unleash the chaos..


Security is in the name..but the only security we are worried about is the security of our own. Our mission is to become a staple in the verse, and to do that we need only the best here at SHS. Each member is fully vetted and battle tested, ready to take on anything at a moments notice.


One and only rule is to respect yourself and other members, there is zero tolerance for foolish behavior. If you are interested in joining us, message me on Discord @: captainspalding#1278 and I’ll get you into the server, o7 citizens