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Roberts Space Industries ®

Whiskey Storm Core / WHISKEY

  • Organization
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Security

“Whiskey Storm Core
Lethally efficient, brutally effective.



Information p. STEAM NAME: K.BELLE TEAMSPEAK: Address: Discord Home Website Click here to main website


Presently there are few orgs. who offer their members regular coordinated team play in AC. We aim to fill that niche. We believe investing in quality pilots now will create a powerful organisation come the release of the Persistent Universe.

Whiskey Storm Core plans to construct a strong well rounded commercial and military operation, fully integrating its production and commercial operations through providing security for production operations to cargo and passenger transport.

We’ve so far achieved our first goal of establishing the foundation of the team by regular training and patrols in the Arena Commander module, by leveraging existing clan assets such as our excellent members, website and TeamSpeak as well as our experience in running large complicated operations in ARMA3.

We intend to develop a strong fleet and Marine force that will be available for hire only to the most exclusive and lucrative contracts, provide training and security in developing systems, as well as efficiently and discretely moving cargo for our valued customers.


WSC Charter

  1. At all times members, affiliated contractors and operators shall obey the orders of their superior officers

At all times shall the aforementioned members, contractors & operators(ASSOCIATES) shall conform themselves to the highest standards of professionalism and conduct as set forth by the organisation (WHISKEY STORM CORE).

Associates will abide by confidentiality and non-disclosure rules of organisation data, as well as strictly adhering to any and all security policy as set for by management(EXECUTIVE).

Associates will agree to undergo any relevant security clearance checks or exams in order to be cleared for access to sensitive materials, or to ensure combat fitness or adherence to company policy. This may include ID checks, background checks, credit checks, internal audits, fingerprint identification, retina identification, DNA sampling and/or conditioning, enhanced interviews, burnination and postmortem exams.

Associates agree to indemnify WSC in the event of their grisly demise in all circumstances.

Associates are to at all times consider the lives & safety of their associates and affiliates above all else.

Associates are to at their discretion, consider the safety of civilians and civilian infrastructure in accordance to local laws, company policy & relevant interplanetary war-crimes treaties.

Note that whilst WSC permits the possession properly tended companion organisms by members, all livestock is forfeit and becomes immediate property of WSC.