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White Skull Contractors / WHITESKULL

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I am Legendary ex-space pirate Jesse Kincaid also known as the White Skull. I have given up piracy for more legal jobs. As a group we have two common goals “Destruction of the Vanduul,” and “Providing Employment.”

Discord channel, voice channel is


Check out our Recruitment Video at the bottom of the page.

The Story

“The Long Nite has Fallen,” These were the last words my friend Captain Hunt said before we made the jump from Tiber to Oberon. We were still in shock and reeling from the onslaught we had experienced. One minute we were a tight knit group of Pirates making a living inside the Tiber asteroid belt, then within an hour, it was all gone.

The day ended peacefully enough, we were celebrating an above average haul from a Trade Convoy we had raided in the Vega system when our early warning sensors detected incoming ships. To far to be identified, we assumed they were UEE ships, so I dispatched three M50 Scouts and watched as they were vaporized, but not before they identified their attackers….Vanduul. I quickly sounded general quarters and put in a call to the small UEE base on Tiber, they laughed and cut the comm line.

Asking for volunteers meant a suicide mission, but if any of us were going to survive…well, you know. Some manned the aging batteries and others launched a ragtag assortment of ships, hellbent on slowing the wave. 23 ships in all volunteered to buy us some time. We headed toward the Oberon Jump Point and watched as the meager squad of UEE Hornets along with our ships made a desperate stand against the inevitable. Within minutes, it was over, they never stood a chance. Looking back in horror, we saw Tiber being rocked by explosions from ship batteries and missiles.

As we neared the Jump Point, we realized we had been outflanked as a dozen or so, Vanduul Raiders blocked our path. I boosted the engines on my Connie in a direct intercept course, determined to punch a hole in their formation. Suddenly, I noticed there focus was not on me, but on a lone UEE Retaliator. Badly damaged, the ship was making a stand near the Jump Point trying to keep the Raiders at bay.

In a last ditch attempt, the Tali launched 3 torpedoes on a time delay detonation. We cheered as they detonated destroying 4 raiders and damaging 3 others in a blinding flash, but the resulting shock wave also destroyed the Tali. I saw a single escape pod and ordered our only Cutlass Red to intercept it . We mopped up the remaining Raiders as the Red did its work.

The rest is history, the UEE Captain was Dylan Hunt and I am the White Skull.We decided, as a group to forsake our life of crime and concentrate our resources and efforts toward a single goal….REVENGE.

Our goal, is the total destruction of the race known as Vanduul.

The Legacy

To the dead of Tiber “De Opresso Liber” is our motto, “Death to the Vanduul” our battle cry.

Together, we can, and will, make a difference.

Go to our Manifesto page for a list of contract jobs we accept and the squadrons we will employ.

Life is hard already with so many hoops to jump through. So take a deep breath, hold it, let it out and now relax because with White Skull Contractors we believe everyone is equal.


We are not a Pirate Org.

Hire us for…that job.

• Need a Bodyguard?
• Do you require security?
• Are you receiving grief from a group or individual?
• Do you need someone distracted while you complete a job?
• Do you need an escort on a mission?
• Do you need something or someone smuggled?
• Do you need parts or something salvaged?
• Do you need something reclaimed that was stolen from you?
• Would you like someone followed?
• Do you need detailed info on a competing company so you can surpass their profits?

Our Departments include the following wings:
Corsairs – Personal Protection(Bodyguard). These are the balance of the pirate fleet (plus any recruits added along the way). They tend to be rough around the edges, but good to have covering your back in a pinch.
Highguards – Peacekeepers. They are comparable to the Knights of the Round Table and are the remnants of the UEE squadron Capt. Hunt commanded. Always looking for recruits they have only one code, that of Chivalry.

The balance are mercenaries who choose neither side. Do not mistake them for a ragtag bunch of rejects. Each is a trained master of his (or her) profession.
Alpha – Search & Rescue
Beta – Bounty Hunting
Cappa – Fighter Escorts
Delta – Repair and Salvage
Epsilon – Trading, Transport, Exploration and Supply

Here at White Skull Contractors either myself or my second in command Captain Dylan Hunt will accommodate just about any job.


Star Citizen is meant to be played and enjoyed by everyone and should be, for no less than 2.5 million years.

Definition of a Contractor: A person or company that undertakes a contract to provide materials or labor to perform a service or do a job.


  • We have a few simple rules:
    1. Respect each other and respect the contract. Ask for help if needed, there is no dishonor in admitting when you are in over your head.
    2. Corsairs may be allowed to participate in less than reputable activity, if approved by the Privateer.
    3. Highguard’s must maintain a code of honor which requires a higher standard. No illegal activity, no taking of life (unless as a last resort). Remember…we are peacekeepers, not mercenaries
  • This is a fun organization.
  • There is no stress here. Help when you can. And if you can’t then don’t sweat it.
  • If you join this organization you will have fun. Although I am a leader in the real verse, here I am not…bossy.
  • I am forming this org for three reasons.

1. Help people everyone achieve their goal.

2. Play as a character from my Sci-Fi novel, “ Voyages of the White Skull..”

3. Hopefully, meet cool people who love Sci-Fi and gaming as much as I do.

  • So if your looking for an org where you can acquire things in the Star Citizen verse that you may not be able to get alone then this is the org for you.
  • If you are trying to understand how Corsairs and Highguard can exist together? It’s simple, we have a common enemy!