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Wilco Supply Management is the universal leader in providing life enhancing products in nearly 250,000 locations on 17 planets. For over four decades, citizens have depended on our unique combination of industry experience, service, manufacturing, global sourcing, distribution, and product design and development.

As the premier universal provider to System Governments and many others, Wilco Supply Management maintains close relationships with leading persons of interest around the ‘verse. Manufacturing, distribution, and purchasing resources are strategically located ensuring superior product selection and availability, as well as quick and efficient response to meet virtually every need.

Wilco Supply Management is also a single-source supplier to many industries, offering a comprehensive selection of more than 80,000 exceptional products. The convenience of one point of contact not only ensures quality and consistency, it streamlines selection and ordering processes and frees up valuable time for decision makers.


Superior service and support. People are among Wilco Supply Managements most important assets. The extensive selection of our product offerings and impressive universal reach, are complemented by the strength of an unparalleled level of service. Our sales and support teams have earned and maintained an outstanding track record for reliability, attentive customer service, and consistently delivering high levels of satisfaction.

The Wilco Supply Management sales team is made up of industry experts who take a proactive approach with our business partners by understanding their operations, helping to identify needs and opportunities, and by developing solutions that are creative, innovative, cost-competitive, and focused on their business success.



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3. Should a dispute reach deadlock between two parties within the Corporation then it shall be mediated with a binding arbitration by our CEO after deliberation by the board of directors.