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Roberts Space Industries ®


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“Wherever you find injustice, the proper form of politeness is attack.”


We´re Hobos.. no one wants to know why…



-Decide your own life, don’t let another person run or rule you
-Try to be a gentleman at all times.
-Don’t take advantage of someone who is in a vulnerable situation, locals or other hobos.
-Try to find work, even if temporary, and always seek out jobs nobody wants.
-When no employment is available, make your own work by using your added talents at crafts.
-Do not allow yourself to become a stupid drunk and set a bad example for locals’ treatment of other hobos.
-When jungling in town, respect handouts, do not wear them out, another hobo will be coming along who will need them as badly, if not worse than
-Always respect nature, do not leave garbage where you are jungling.
-If in a community jungle, always pitch in and help.
-Try to stay clean, and boil up wherever possible.
-When traveling, ride respectfully, take no personal chances, cause no problems.
-Do not cause problems in a spaceport, another hobo will be coming along who will need passage through that port.
-Do not allow other hobos to molest children, expose all molesters to authorities, they are the worst garbage to infest any society.
-Help all runaway children.
-Help your fellow hobos whenever and wherever needed, you may need their help someday.
-If present at a hobo court and you have testimony, give it. Whether for or against the accused, your voice counts!