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Wolves of the Eclipse / WOTE

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Wolves of the Eclipse

Welcome lost beings, to the heart of our insightful community.

Please rest yourself and feel free to look around.
If you think you are ready to obtain knowledge about the Prophecy of the Eclipse, make your way to our Recruitment section.



Born for fun by demons – we all live hell.
On the frontiers of the galaxy, all are paying for their sins.
Undercover of the night, he has seen. Seen a Truth of the Eclipse.
Justice is driving our freedom but the Greed is driving their wraith.
That’s why we’re going to stand against the Prophecy.


REDACTED [Level #5 authorization required]


Sound of War

Made from the shadow of the Eclipse. We travel across the sky to reclaim long lost justice.
We have desired peace, but they only listen to the sound of war.
Our true path to freedom has just begun.

Path of the Eclipse

REDACTED [Level #2 authorization required]

Call of the Prophet

From the Wild we come, to the Endless Skies we will go,
to save the Wolves in need,
by depriving the Oppressors born from Greed,
because He has seen the Beginning of the End.

Wolves arise and unite!
For Freedom,
For Glory,
For the sake of the Eclipse.

Join Us…


Original Sin

So do not fear because we all stand with you,
Do not be dismayed because we are seeking justice.
Millions of eyes who see from the darkness are watching.
They thirst for the Sinful Blood. The Absolution will not come.

Principles of the Soul

REDACTED [Level #1 authorization required]