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Roberts Space Industries ®

Wayward Rescue and Exploration Coalition / WREC

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Stuck out in the cold interstellar void? Engines knocked out by pirates? Or just looking for someone to hang out with on the edge of known space?

If you’re stuck, and have a buck, we can get you home, but feel free to stick around if you’d rather not be alone.


We peeled off from a more loosely structured SaR org due to differing opinions about how to handle abusive members, and aim to create a chill place to hang out without pirates badmouthing what we’re talking about, simple as that.

Hop in and join us if you’re tired of nasty folks and just want to chill out.


We exist to explore the furthest reaches of the cosmos, helping those who need it along the way, and having a good time as we go!

The plan is to stick to the light side of the law, but if stuff gets a little grey along the way, that’s no problem for us, but outright piracy, larceny, or other forms of theft are not considered acceptable behavior for members; we are traders and friends to traders, we do not consort with their enemies.


Be Excellent to Each Other, (Help Those Who Need it,) and Party on, Dudes!

To be more specific, be chill, friendly, and supportive of the group, and we’ve got no problems; Don’t harsh the vibe, and everything’s cool.

If you’re laid back with the other people in the org, we’re golden, but if you try to put down anyone in the org for anything they do or enjoy, we’ll have problems.

These are our only serious rules, and we have a “three strikes, you’re out” policy for abusive behavior:
If we need to call you out for abuse, you will be warned, once. First Strike.
If the abusive behavior continues, you will be told to stop, once. Second Strike.
If you still don’t shape up, the next time we need to call you out, Third Strike, you’re outta here.
You will be kicked from the org and banned from the Discord; We do not tolerate abusive behavior from anyone.