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Roberts Space Industries ®

Warp Thpeed / WTH

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Our story is pretty simple. It started out as a couple of friends with a shared love for games. Who then decided a community was what was needed to bring in all of our friends into one local place where we can all share in our ideas, and gaming adventures. The community has gone through several name changes, and restructures. Even though the name has changed, the community has always been the same.

We use Discord for all of our text and voice communication needs. And you can check out our website at


The Wonder

Many people often wonder what it is that we do. Honestly, we have fun. We are a group of adults who still have that love for gaming, and fit it in our busy family/working lives. We facilitate this with regular scheduled events, commonly known as Frag Fest, and random gaming times with anyone else online. If you are looking for a group of like minded adults, then you have found the right place.

The Dream

In the beginning the dream has always been to have a good community that’s active and always willing to hang out. In the past we’ve had a community so large, with a previous MMO, that there was always a group of players online and willing to hang out. Well, time has passed, everyone is older and have families, but that is still the dream today. The overall goal is to have a community of people who enjoy each others company and is more than willing to hang out and play together.

How about you. What is your dream?


Our rules are simple and basic:
1. Have fun with the game, after all that’s what games are for.
2. Be respectful to others, even if they are not members of WTH. We are all ambassadors to this community, and our actions are a reflection of every member in the community.
3. If you have a problem that can’t be resolved between you and the other player, please bring it to the community leaders.