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WTTC - Traveling Trading Circus / WTTC

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  • Exploration

WTTC is a Traveling Trading Circus operating as a nomadic hub to provide our customers and clients with everything* they need.

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-Wisur #26778


All the game loops for WTTC to function is planned but not yet implemented, so WTTC may change some in the future when Star Citizen releases new features

WTTC was formed in the year 2950, and is the embodiment of everything one hoped for in 2012 when SC was first premiered.

This org has been in the works for quite some time building up a great team of people. I hope you will share our dream, and become a partner in creating WTTC to be a really good experience for everyone involved.

In short the WTTC is a large trading circus (HUB), centred around an assortment of people and ships encircling our base of operation, The Merchantman. We will travel through the universe like nomads, never staying in one location for more than we need too. We could be in the epicentre of commerce in safe space one week, and supplying troops and explorers on the hostile frontier the next.

In WTTC , you will be able to take part in a wide range of different occupations and activities through our 3 main branches of operation, who are all dependent of each other.

  1. Trading & Services
  2. Exploration & scouting
  3. Security


Why join WTTC?

Why Join WTTC, very good point, here is some of the adventures and fun we have done: ( WTTC ADVENTURES )

It don’t matter if you are new to Star Citizen or been here for years, joining WTTC will allow you to enjoy the company of like minded people, enjoy the incredible stories the universe will let us experience and tell. We will strive to develop a good org for people to have fun in, and get to know people form all around the world. Bad attitude, griefers and dishonest people will be removed from the org swiftly.

By becoming a member of WTTC you will have every chance of getting to master a profession, or to be an all rounder with other team members and learn many new skills. We need people with every interest to make our org a great place to be. As of now most of the game loops needed for our orgs objective is not yet ready, and we just have to learn each of the crafts as they are released. But we expect that with Star Citizen releases in the future that we will have an org of people who know a lot about what they want and what is required to get the best out of this game.

We will have missions that needs to be organised, missions that needs to be completed for our objective to be possible. Currently we are small, but with a large potential to grow both in esteem and size. We are not your standard generic org, since everything we do has a concrete purpose and a defined goal for the org as a whole, and all parts of the org needs to work in symbioses or the org will fail as a whole.

  • Building a great gaming community:
    • WTTC want players from all around the world and any age welcome, as long as you behave. All of our members must strive to help each other at any time. And we will have both new and experienced long time players. We are constantly active on Discord to help each other when needed.
  • Your Fleet:
    • The amount of ships you have is not important, and we encourage all players even with a starter pack to apply. You will get access to many different ships and you can work in any area you want to, if applicable. But if you have ships available that would be valuable to the org and could be used to expand our already existing fleet of ships it would be a great help.
  • Better profits:
    • We want WTTC to be able to let everyone make enough UEC in game, and with less risk you would have on your own. We will deal in legit ways, and we will NOT be doing any form of criminal activity or piracy directly. Being self sufficient in the verse, means that the fleet always comes first, and in the end, we will all share the excess of our operation.


WTTC’s areas of operation

1. Trading & Services

  • Trading data, information, goods and high-end items scavenged, found, and bartered on our journeys and exploration missions.
  • We will provide services for refuelling, upgrading, overclocking, repair, re-arm, data running, transporting, etc, for all of our customers.

2. Exploration & Scouting

  • Scouting ahead whenever we are planning a mission in a new location. Finding the perfect place for our operation to set up shop for a shorter time period. And help to maintain control on the surrounding area.
  • Explore the unknown for artefacts, data, resources, and other rare high value objects.
  • Mine the resources found on our travels, gas clouds, fuel deposits, mineral deposits, and salvaging for parts and materials.

3. Security

  • Making every part of our endeavors as safe as possible. Everything from protecting our different operations and missions, escorting our resource and exploration ships, clearing out an area to give safe passage and offer a general security at our HUB. The security team will have a important say in where, when and how we as a trading hub can travel. The strategic security planning will be crucial.

I hope that we can build a fun, interconnected org with a lot of members getting the experience they want from this game. And i believe that if we all work together, we can get this complex structure thriving and be a place where everyone are welcome.

It will be plenty of time for you to do your own things underway, and i promise that you will see all the universe have to offer, and you will be able to try almost any job the game will provide. And i hope *YOU can help, making this dream of a game come true.



Q: How do I join?
A: You can join by pressing the Join us now! button on the top right of the page.

Q: Should I join as a member or as an affiliate?
A: Upon joining WTTC, Members will have access to more info, and have a chance of getting responsibilities if wanted. And we do accept affiliates, but they will have limited access to our fleet, and knowledge of our current status.

Q:WTTC has many different ships and services provided, can i partake in all of them?
A: YES! Everyone can do the task they want to do, as long as there are room for it.

Q: Is WTTC a lawful organisation?
A: WTTC is lawful, but in our travels we will provide services to unlawful piracy groups. But we will not partake in piracy, or other unlawful activities. And what is unlawful in one sector, might not be in another.

Q: Do you have 19 bengals, 90 Javelins and hundreds of Idrises?
A: None of those ships are in much need for our operation. We might get a carrier of some sort as a means of transporting smaller ships down the road, but it’s not a priority nor a necessity for WTTC.

Q: Is WTTC a global org?
A: Yes, we accept members from everywhere, but CEO is from Norway.

Q: I have more questions!
A: Feel free to drop by on our Discord server and ask your questions there. We will gladly answer them for you!

-Wisur #26778


If you would like to participate in the development of this org let us know. We are currently looking to fill all positions in this org.


We only have one rule. Teamwork is the only key for success.

The success of our operation is based on a team effort in all our branches.

If we are not doing a good enough job in scouting and exploration, we will have less to sell, risk traveling into the wrong areas and we will be exposing the fleet to unsafe environments they are not equipped to handle.

If our trading does not work, we will not have the UAC to fund our exploration and security.

And most importantly if we don’t have sufficient security we are a sitting duck with a lot of hi valuable goods, and ships.