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Expeditionary Medical Group (XPMED) / XPMED

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We are Expeditionary Medical Group / XPMED, a SAR/Medical organization.
XPMED is a subsidiary of 3CO in the SC Universe.
XPMED operates in all playable systems.

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“Corpsman Up!”

Expeditionary Medical Group is not Free. We are a fee-based emergency medical provider. If you want the Best, you gotta buy the Best!

There is now a mandate for medical organizations dedicated to providing remote emergent care for people who need it. XPMED aims to meet these needs by bringing aid to the patient, wherever he/she may be. We are a medical organization. We only do medicine, nothing else. You want interdiction-call the Coast Guard. You want an arrest-call the police or militia. You want emergency medical treatment-call XPMED.

Our goal is to be the one – the emergency medical provider (EMP) – you call first.

With the new and often confusing medical gameplay in Star Citizen, there is a delta (needs) gap in medical coverages and a requirement for emergent medical personal assistance for the players in the ‘Verse. With a plethora of new facilities, new drugs, and new game wrinkles – players are subject to accidents, new game mechanics, and medical maltreatments by self and others. It is a hazardous new universe, If you desire free treatment? Self-treat or call a so-called “Free” provider. You roll the dice & you take your chances.

XPMED charges for services because we are the best emergency medical providers available. Our personnel are trained and experienced in emergency medicine and provide exceptional service to our patients. If you are alive upon our arrival – we’ll keep you alive and as well as possible, given your circumstances, until we deliver you to a definitive care facility (DCF) or full-service hospital.

Gear: 3CO – USBXPMEDTINTO… Buy Gear at:

Expeditionary Medical Group formed on October 15, 2951. The need for competent remote emergency medicine is as acute now as it has ever been. Other groups entered previously and the sector still suffers from incompetence, under-servicing, and neglect. XPMED brings pride and professionalism to the tasks.
We aim to:
Lead by example.
Set the EMP professionalism bar high.
Be the Emergency Medical segment leader.

XPMED will operate in all Star Citizen playable sectors and systems.
Our Tier 1 & 2 ships and facilities will also be used as fee-based Spawning sites, as allowed.

One mission.

We are Expeditionary Medical Group – XPMED, the emergency medical provider (EMP). This is our Mission – our Only Mission.

Others appear to be Jacks-of-all-Trades, doing a little bit of this and a bit of that. So be it. Roll the dice and take your chances. XPMED is an EMP. It’s what we do – all we do – and we’re damned good at it.
Next time your life is on the line…whatcha gonna do?

Roll the dice – or – call the pros.

XPMED – emergency medicine is what we do!

More XPMED info:

We at Expeditionary Medical Group anxiously await the arrival of the 2 Apollo Class medevac ships, the Endeavor Hope Hospital, the Crusader C2 Hospital, and the M33K Hospital Station. ( ). The expansion and ‘fleshing out’ of medical gameplay will make for a more realistic, enjoyable, and profitable Star Citizen experience. construction
https://discord construction
Gear: 3CO – USBXPMEDTINTO… Buy Gear at :


Standing by…Ready to Assist

Expeditionary Medical Group – XPMED is not a UEE service. We charge fees for services based upon distance and risk.

“If you want the Best, you gotta buy the Best!”

XPMED will provide the necessary aid to any person in distress without qualifications. All expenses will be covered at the moment of recovery so that everyone receives proper treatment without financial concerns. We will respond to beacons. However, beacons have a considerable downside, as they draw griefers, opportunists, and robbers – like bees to honey. Clients who prefer a less hazardous or precarious scenario can call XPMED at: www. .com/dispatch.
An XPMED team will respond via our dispatch to render private first aid and transport services, without the hoopla that a beacon attracts. Vehicle transports can be arranged.

“Griefing – Piracy – Ambush protocols.”

XPMED is politically neutral. If the soul in distress has a crime stat attached to his or her legal record at the moment of encounter, we will still render proper treatments and transport. No questions asked.

If the rescue is a hoax for griefing or ambush by impersonating a person/group in distress, which could cost the lives of unsuspecting team members. Our teams will defend themselves. Our personnel have standing orders to terminate such criminals with extreme prejudice.

It is a hazardous new universe, If you desire free treatment? Self-treat or call a so-called “Free” provider. You roll the dice & you take your chances. Next time your life is on the line…whatcha gonna do?

Roll the dice – or – call the pros.

XPMED – the emergency medical provider (EMP) – you call first.

Gear: 3CO – USBXPMEDTINTO… Buy Gear at :


Caring – Service – Excellence

Everyone who decides to join XPMED will go through a medical training course that will teach him or her the necessary skills to conduct a mission successfully.

At XPMED we are a team. The Team concept is vital. XPMED advocates, encourages, requires Teamwork. Buy-in is required in order for this type of concept to work. Members have to work together in order for our SAR/EMP teams to operate and save lives. No SOLO rescues – No no bed transports. If your ship is bedless, work with other teammates. Pilots, deck, engineers are crew…medical are PA’s, IDT’s & Medics. The SC CIG concepts do not work. Solo rescues do not work. 1 pilot/1 medic rescues do not work. It takes a team to do this sort of gameplay.

Do No Harm – The mission and the well-being of the person in distress comes first & foremost.

Be respectful to everyone.
Avoid any unlawful activities.
Misbehaviors or legal offenses will not be tolerated and be dealt with accordingly.

A medical vessel is great, but not required. XPMED personnel will be trained to do everything required of him or her in any class or type of vessel/ship.

Assistance may be granted for uniforms, weaponry, ammunition, and vessels – on a case-by-case basis. This is the exception, not the rule.
Medical Team uniforms – preferably RSI gear: Bodysuits: White or white & gray. Armor/Helmets- Light/Medium: White or gray.
Crew uniforms – Bodysuits: RSI Tan/Tan & Brown/Brown. Armor/Helmets: Any standard, non-griefer armors.

Your team will choose its area/sector. Busy-high risk areas may have more than 1 team assigned to them. Teams will log in with one of our dispatchers. You are authorized to accept beacons ($15K UEC), but most of our work will come thru our dispatch system. Missions (work) coming through our dispatch will have more value than the beacon system missions.

Roll the dice – or – call the pros.

XPMED – the emergency medical provider (EMP) – you call first.