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Xeno Syncretic Order / XSO

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The XSO is pledged to the protection, even the salvation, of humanity. Having raged against evil and paid all too high a cost, her members took to the fringes of the galaxy in search of a new hope. There, they discovered through alien technology and culture, there can be Salvation through Unity.



Throughout the ages, countless men have stood against the rising tide of evil, sacrificing all to provide a bulwark against those who seek only to conquer and destroy. But now, as the 3rd millennium approaches, humanity threatens to rip itself apart, corrupted by avarice, violence, and evil. However, one group remains, stubbornly refusing to let humanity self-annihilate. The Xeno Syncretic Order is pledged to the protection, even the salvation, of humanity. Having raged against that evil, and paid all too high a cost, Stormfury and Gedion took to the fringes of the galaxy in search of hope. There they learned of the Prophet’s Gear, and the vision to unite humanity with all that is good and true in the other galactic races. Only through this unity can salvation be achieved. Pledged to the task of seeking out the best of alien technology and culture, the XSO looks to the farthest reaches of the universe for answers in mankind’s final hour.


In 2941, a mysterious organization dubbed ‘The Shadow Advocacy’ by Ballistic Logistics intelligence, launched a full scale assault on the corporation. Though Ballistic Logistics won the battle, the toll on the organization was too great for it to bear. Matthius Stormfury, the Ballistic Logistics leader, declared the organization lost, rounded up what was left of his fleet, and took to the stars.

Having experienced first hand human greed in the form of corrupt UEE officers, corporate power plays and the devastation of the Shadow Advocacy attacks, Matthius Stormfury and Relen Gedion sought a new direction to protect humanity from the perils of the verse. Humanity seemed destined to destroy itself, and it seemed to them there was nothing they could do to save it.

Whilst tinkering with an alien artifact rescued from Ballistic Logistics R&D department, Relen Gedion’s mind was taken over as the device, known as The Prophet’s Gear, revealed to him a vision. He stood in a massive temple, beholding a large circular ceremonial platform in the middle. Around it’s edge stood an ethereal representative of all the major races of the universe, Humans, Xi’an, Banu, Tevarin, Kr’Thak, Vanduul, and even some unknown to him. A being of light hung in the middle of the circle, and imparted these words to Gedion.

“Bearer of The Prophet’s Gear, here is your mission: Around the circle stand the Sacred Eight Races. You must seek them out and unite them. You must unite the races, the very essence of their existence. Only through this can you save humanity. Through this, you can save them all.”

Having found the true path of humanity’s salvation, Stormfury and Gedion forged the Xeno Sycretic Order, for the purposes of uniting all that is good and true in the galactic races. We seek the salvation of humanity by restoring it to that union. By striving for positive relations between the races, and exchanging and acquiring alien culture, ships and technology, we work for that unity. We will seek out the Sacred Eight, wherever they may be found, and bring them together. We will save humanity for humanity can not save itself. We will give all we have for:

Salvation through Unity

If you would like to read more on the background of Xeno Syncretic Order visit us at


The Xeno Syncretic Order is a Part-Time Hardcore Organization, What Does That Mean?

It is our desire that the XSO be a smaller sized, tight-nit organization where we all can have fun in a family friendly environment, but also accomplish tasks and advance within the Star Citizen universe. All guidelines formulated below exist in order to facilitate that end.

Is the Xeno Syncretic Order Anti-Human or Anti-UEE?

Quite the opposite. The XSO seeks to save humanity. We simply believe humanity does not possess the means to do this itself. We must seek out the best of the alien races’ technology and culture to save humanity. As such we will try to build positive reputation with the alien races.

You Want to Build Positive Reputation with Alien Races, Does This Mean You’d Pick the Vanduul Over the UEE in a fight?

We will never side with an alien race against humans, unless of course those humans represent a threat to humanity themselves i.e. pirates or slave traders. The tension of walking the line between building reputation with the alien races and our loyalty to humanity is something we are excited to explore, but our allegiance is to humanity and its preservation. We plan on engaging the Vanduul in PvE, primarily because we see victory over them in combat as the primary way to win their respect. Our primary goal is the salvation and preservation of humanity and the UEE.

What if Gaining Reputation with the Xi’an Costs you Reputation with the Banu? Or if Gaining Reputation with the Vanduul Costs you Reputation with the UEE?

Such is the fine line we walk. The tension between gaining reputation with all the races without alienating ourselves from others is at the core of who we are, and what we look forward to exploring in game. This delicate balance will be at the heart of what dictates our activities. Maybe we need a Xi’an trading ship. Perhaps it will cost us some reputation with the Banu as we build rep through trading with the Xi’an. Later, we might need to deal with the Banu at the expense of rep with the Xi’an. However, because we are ultimately for the salvation and protection of humanity, we will never let our UEE standing drop to the point where we are not welcome in UEE space. But how we balance all of these variables and the tensions that result? Without more knowledge of the systems in the PU, it’s too soon to say.

What Are Your Role-play Rules:

Role-play in-game and through the creation of lore is encouraged and will be rewarded, but it is not required.

We encourage all our members to write an in-character explanation of how they came to join the XSO. Members are encouraged to read the origin story of the XSO and their personal story should tie in with the XSO narrative. These personal stories can be as short as a paragraph, or as long as an epic novel, and they will be posted on the XSO forum.

In-game, role-play will again be encouraged as far as it is fun and convenient to do so, but not required. We value the opportunity to live the lives and play the game from the perspective of the characters we have developed, and we think that’s a fun way to play. Disrespecting the role-playing of others through mockery or other deliberate means won’t be tolerated.

What Are Your Time Expectations?

We don’t expect people to play eight hours every day (of course you are free to do that if you wish). XSO is a small group of dedicated gamers who also have real lives. As such, these are the time expectations for XSO members:

XSO will schedule a minimum of 2 operations a week (one on U.S. time, one on European time). These operations will vary from PvE combat to Salvage to Merchant runs, and everything in between. XSO command will be responsible with the planning and leading of the operations. We highly encourage XSO members to participate in the official operations as they will be the primary way that we interact in the game as an organization. We will likely run more than 2 operations a week, but 2 will be the minimum. If you can’t regularly attend them, there won’t be much of a point in being a member of XSO. Consistent failure to attend may lead to disciplinary action.

Ops will be designed around the needs of the organization and its members. We aren’t trying to just fill the coffers of the leaders. We want everyone to benefit from being a member. XSO members are encouraged to share with the leaders and others (likely through the forums) what their in-game desires are, so as we progress, we can help each other get that ship that we’ve had our eye on, or that cool but rare weapon we really need. We are here to help each other do together what we separately cannot.

If you are online and in-game during a time that an op is in progress, we expect you to be taking part in the op. XSO members are of course free to spend their time in-game any way they like when an op is not in progress, provided they aren’t violating any XSO rules.

We also highly encourage members to be active on the XSO forums. We value the sharing of thoughts, opinions, game information, and general banter on the forums.

What Are Your Behavior Expectations?

As a part-time hardcore organization, we at XSO don’t require members to play 24/7. However, when we do play (specifically when we are running ops), our time is focused and purposeful. Of course we will joke and have fun, but when it comes time to run an op, we expect XSO members to be serious and focused on the task at hand, just as they would if they were running an op in real life.

What Are Your Team Speak Behavior Rules?

These will be expanded upon elsewhere, but in general, keep it family friendly. If you want to chat about something controversial, do it in a different room, and don’t do it during an op. XSO is primarily a Star Citizen organization. However, we will undoubtedly play other games from time to time. If you are in a TS channel for Star Citizen, the topic of conversation should be limited to Star Citizen. If you are playing another game, or want to talk about another game, create or join an appropriate channel for that game. If you wish to talk about other things in general, just go in another room.

What Are Your Forum Rules?

Also will be expanded elsewhere, but keep things family friendly, and relevant to the topic/heading that the thread is dealing with.

What Is Your Command Structure And Discipline Policy?

XSO is not a democracy. In our experience, running an organization with a “let’s just let people do whatever, no rules, it’ll be great!” attitude doesn’t work, and ends up being fun for no one. However it’s not a dictatorship either. We will always value opinions and take time to hear from our members regarding their desires or complaints.

The leader, called the Preceptor, of the XSO is Matthias Stormfury. He is in charge of the leadership and direction of the XSO, and as such, he has the final say in all matters. He is tasked with leading the XSO towards the glorious goal of the redemption of mankind via the fulfillment of the Prophet’s Gear vision.

The second in command is Relen Gedion, known as The Seer. It was to him that the Prophet’s Gear revealed its vision of the salvation of humanity coming about via the syncretism of alien culture and technology with our human systems.

Below these two leaders are the Curates, who serve as operational leaders within the XSO.

Curates should be able to address all situations and questions that may arise, but should they prove unable to, they will refer issues to either the Seer or the Preceptor. If no Curate is available to assist you, please contact the Seer or the Preceptor.
It is our hope that we never have to spend time on discipline or dealing with behavior issues, but if we observe or if it is brought to our attention that a member of XSO is causing problems, violating rules, or generally conducting themselves in a spirit not in line with XSO ethics, we will approach the situation in this way:

1. A member of leadership will have a conversation with the party about the issue and try to resolve it amicably.

2. A member of leadership will issue a stern warning to the party that if the behavior is not corrected, they will be removed from the organization

3. The party will be removed from the organization.

Can I Be In Multiple Organizations?

We are at this time considering the possibility of letting people join as affiliate members, so if that is your desire, go ahead and apply. We will be working out what this means and how it will work in the near future.


In order to protect the organization from being pulled into unwanted PvP combat, we are restricting XSO members to membership in XSO only. If it is discovered that you are a member of another org, you will be removed from XSO immediately, simply because you should have already known better. We feel at this time that this is necessary in order to keep the amount of potential griefing to a minimum.

How Will You Deal With Other Organizations In The Persistent Universe?

Members of the XSO are to remain in good standing with the UEE. Piracy is strictly prohibited. Under most circumstances, just don’t do anything that would be considered illegal. If you aren’t sure, ask a commander. As the persistent universe develops, we will undoubtedly make both friends and enemies. XSO members will be expected to abide by any agreements that we as an organization make with other organizations. If a member’s actions are pulling the XSO into trouble or in a direction that the leadership isn’t comfortable with, we will ask you to cease it.

Last Thoughts:

If you have any questions about the rules, please contact either Stormfury or Gedion for clarification. If you have a problem with any of the rules, just don’t join. It’ll be easier for everyone that way. We want to create an environment that will make it as easy as possible for a small group of good friends to have fun and accomplish all that we want to in Star Citizen. If all this sounds good to you, then you are welcome to come along.


The Xeno Syncretic Order believes that humanity lies on the brink of self-destruction, victims of it’s own greed, selfishness, and hubris. We believe that the only hope for humanity lies in the unity of all the major galactic races. This vision, as revealed to The Seer via the Prophet’s Gear, will see Humans, Xi’an, Banu, Tevarin, Kr’Thak, and even Vanduul coming together and forming the one true race which will be the light of the universe. Only then can we hope to rid humanity of it’s self destructive ways.

As such, The Xeno Syncretic Order seeks to expand our relationships with all alien races, in an effort to acquire their technology, assimilate their distinctive positive cultural traits, and expanding our relationships in any way possible. The XSO will strive to better each member’s standing with alien races as well as acquiring technology and ships for one another via the alien races. We stand alone in our cause, and we must be vigilant. As such, outfitting XSO members with the best ships and equipment in order to carry out our calling is a high priority.

Where ever and how ever possible, we will seek out and engage alien races. Be it sparing with the Vanduul to win their respect, trading and working with the Xi’an and the Banu to earn their trust, advocating for the Tevarin to secure their favor, or seeking out the Kr’Thak and other unknown races in order to establish relations, the XSO will be at the forefront of human/alien relations. We must be, for it is the only hope for the survival of humanity.