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Luna Wolves / XVILEGION

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The Luna Wolves are who the UEE calls when the UEEN is not enough, where everyone willing to protect those who are in danger is welcome: from raids against Vanduul space to humanitarian missions, exploration or trade. Join the XVI legion on our Discord today


The origins of the Luna Wolves hail to the first Tevarin war, when in 2546 a yet unknown but ascending Commander in the UEEN, Ivar Messer, granted them a charter to operate alongside the UEE forces in recognition for their feats during conflicts.

Ever since, the Wolves have been in constant evolution, from a dedicated Defence Force to a protectorate for anyone wishing to live within their Aegis, being a combatant or not. After disappearing from the history of the UEE in the Horus system during the rising against Linton Messer, they have mysteriously reappeared as of 2948.

If you’d like to join the honoured tradition of the Luna Wolves, join us at our Discord


We are first and foremost a community where we want anyone that wants to join and be respectful of others to find a place for them to explore the great verse. Whilst we are indeed a Defence Force, there is space for all kinds of gameplay; we are amongst all brothers under the banner of Luna and if you want to have a spot in our legion, as a combatant or a non-combatant, you are already one of us. Check our infographic below to understand further our structure, organisations and the many fun events we regularly create.

We believe in transparency and empowerment: our officers are not compulsorily guiding decisions. To discuss policy, current state of affairs and future of the legion we have created the warrior’s lodge, a forum where rank is left at the door and the only condition to join is that you want your voice to be heard, in it anyone can criticise any ideas or propose new ones openly and without fear.

If you want to help us build our destiny in the verse, you are already one of us, join us at our Discord.


Our rules are few and simple, please take a moment to read through them and think if we are a good fit for you.

- No discrimination or comments resembling it are allowed
- No discussion about politics or politicians unless they have been dead for more than 500 years or they will be born at least 500 years from now (Vote Costigan!)
- No out of role religious discussion; but in role feel free to go ahead and venerate Addison or the God Emperor, I’m not your dad
- I am wrong often, you might be wrong sometimes: don’t be hesitant to back down from arguments and admit when you’re wrong or say you’re sorry
- Respect your fellow battle-brothers and battle-sisters
- Assume all our channels and forums are PG-13 unless explicitly stated so

If you feel like this is the type of space you’d like to enjoy your time in the verse in, join us at our Discord