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Yacht Club / YACHTCLUB

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The Yacht Club social club is for those who want to be a part of something fun, positive and active! We’re over 1,200 members in the discord from brand new backers to super legatus and everything in between. We are all inclusive and super supportive! Explorers, Miners, Space Truckers and Tourists!


The Yacht Club weekly virtual bar citizen started in February 2019 by four members of the 890 Jump Club who wanted to share our high level backer perspective on Star Citizen with the community as a counterpoint to the negativity and lack of good information and perspective on the project’s development.

Our discord community and show following has grown to over 1,000 members made up of positive, active-casual space nerds who have grown wonderful friendships over so much more than just Star Citizen. We have 3-5 group events every week getting together for all kinds of shenanigans with 10-50 people. Lots of spaceships, lots of ground vehicles, lots of laughs and often lots of explosions! Explorers, Miners, Space Truckers and Tourists!

We love helping new Star Citizens learn and grow and be a part of something and with a huge surplus of big ships there’s lots of opportunity to borrow other ships and spend time on the huge ones!


Be nice and have fun!


We’re still putting our content together guys, so standby!