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Control territory; conquer the galaxy. Join and make a real impact on the ‘verse!

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Founded in 2012, YGC has its origins in the MMOFPS Planetside 2. As a Vanu outfit on the server Helios, we had the distinction of being a founding member of the Helios Vanu Command (HVC), a coalition of outfits in that server. At our peak we had 1200 active members and were one of the server’s premier communities.

Unfortunately, poor decisions by the developers about the course of the game caused the majority of the established communities to seek other games, which is why our main game is now Star Citizen.

Jumping from a free-to-play game to one like Star Citizen did cause us to lose some of our members, but our core groups is still very active and new players join us daily.

We actively play the Star Citizen alpha releases to improve our skills and practice activities we will be conducting in the finalized universe. We have many members who are skilled pilots that are capable of passing their skills onto anyone who wants to learn.

Services we provide our members include access to our Teamspeak 3 server, website, forums, and Steam group. We also have members with expertise in various technical fields so any question someone may have can usually be answered here.

YGC plans to fully expand into Star Citizen and create an active and prosperous community of like-minded citizens, working together to create an order within this chaotic universe.

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Audentes Fortuna Juvat

“Fortune Favors The Bold”

While CIG completes the game, Ybok Gaming Community (YGC) will be hard at work to build up our Star Citizen community. Our primary goal within Star Citizen is to establish a functional, dynamic, and far-reaching presence within the ‘Vers, felt by players both within our community and without. To achieve this goal, we need two things: First, a modest population of like-minded, active players who can work well as members of the winning team. Second, we will create an efficient organization within the game that benefits our community and affiliates and giving us the upper hand.

We work hard to fulfill our vision of an organization that has the ability to provide support to all of it’s members and create an environment that enables people to play the game how they want while simultaneously contributing to the success and prosperity of all org members. Your membership has meaning and everyone has a voice. We conform to your needs.

You can contribute to our Conquest. Apply now!

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A deeper look into our organization:


  • Occupy
    • Claim a sector in empty space for initial launch coordination and resource exploitation.
    • Occupy a moon and establish a Forward Operating Base (FOB)
  • Maintain Order
    • Conduct regular patrols to protect our FOB.
    • Establish safe routes for travel and trade in YGC space.
    • Establish and maintain a safe environment in YGC space and surrounding areas.
    • Deny use of YGC space to any unauthorized activity.
  • Prosper
    • Explore
      • Continuously expand YGC space as applicable.
      • Discover and exploit all resources in YGC Space, and surrounding areas as necessary to pursue stated YGC goals.
    • Get rich
      • Establish trading relationships with other organizations.
      • Pursue profitable contracts.
      • Collect bounties.
      • Collect Spoils of War as appropriate.


The Ybok Gaming Community is active in multiple games and provides a website with a forum, as well as a TeamSpeak 3 server for VOIP. Members may participate in multiple games and hold different positions in the hierarchy of each game’s guild. Their community rank will not change due to promotion in a specific game’s guild. Community rank is gained through membership time and/or active community participation.

Community Ranks (Low to high)

  • YGC Member
    • Basic membership of the community. This is gained upon completion and approval of a membership application through our website.
  • Senior YGC
    • Members who have been with the community for a significant amount of time, and/or actively participate in events and community growth, will be granted this rank. They usually hold Moderator permissions on our TS3. Senior YGC can be applied for on our website, or granted by leadership.
  • Regent
    • Ranking administrators of YGC. Each regent has several years of membership and they effectively manage the community if Ybok is absent.
    • Current Regents
      • Skadolphin
      • Sahana
      • Evilsnoman
  • Leader
    • Ybok is the founder and leader of the Ybok Gaming Community

Star Citizen Ranks (Low to High)

  • Initiate
    • New or affiliate member to the Organization. An Initiate must submit a membership application on our website to receive promotion. Affiliate members will remain at Initiate. Few exceptions are made.
  • Member
    • The backbone of our organization. These players make up the majority of our force and conduct day-to-day operations in expanding our influence on the ‘verse.
  • Conqueror
    • The elite of our forces. These men are highly efficient in their profession and have made great contributions to the Conquest. They are worthy of high respect and are capable of achieving anything.
  • Imperator
    • In such an organization with expertise ranging from combat to farming, every profession is recognized and organized into squadrons. An Imperator will be in charge of a group of Initiates/Members/Conquerors and will oversee operations of the Conquest, whether that be mining resources for trade and construction, farming crops aboard an Endeavor, or combating swarms of Vanduul attacking YGC space. This rank is gained through superior leadership skills and enhanced knowledge of their respective field.
  • Director
    • With large numbers and constant activities to be monitored throughout the Conquest, it’s the Director’s job to coordinate the squadrons, ensuring the vision and motion of the Conquest remains steady. One must be at least a Senior Member in the community to hold this rank.
  • Supreme Leader
    • Oversees The Conquest. Establishes new goals to expand our influence.

Fleet Roster

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—— [ Website ] – [TeamSpeak Server ] – [ Steam Group ] – [ Membership Registration ] – [ Forum ] ——


  • Real life comes first!
  • All external affairs and dealings with official of other organizations must be conducted in a manner that will not compromise the integrity, or place in question, the reputation of YGC or its members.
  • It is at utmost importance that all members of the clan are treated with respect. It is also important to treat people outside the clan with equal courtesy. All disputes shall be dealt with in a responsible and mature style.
  • Anybody caught cheating, hacking, exploiting irresponsibly, or griefing will be reprimanded or exiled from the organization.
  • Excessive profanity is not tolerable. Occasional slips are understandable, just use common sense.
  • Treat all members with equal respect, regardless of race, age, opinions, gender, and sexual orientation.


  • Excessive use of profanity and inappropriate language.
  • Insults, personal attacks, abuse, harassment.
  • Derogatory comments based on nationality, culture, race, religion, gender, or sexual preferences.
  • Begging or Soliciting.
  • Distribution of a user’s personal information.
  • Discussing or linking to illegal activities.
  • Giving real world or in-game threats.
  • Advertising other clans or organizations.
  • Discussion (with the intent to troll) of social, religious, political, illegal or other controversial topics.

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