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Roberts Space Industries ®


  • Organization
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Exploration
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For science and the betterment of mankind!

We look to explore and adventure in space

Explorers and scientist needed.
Have science to do but not place to do it?
We have several positions to fill for the right person with the right mindset and skills.


We are the explorers!

Join in and have some funsies.


yKings is an organisation stemming from generations of great jumpers, explorers, adventure seekers and the like from around the verse.


Enjoy yourself while traveling the verse.

- “ I’m Commander SwedeX, age 30+, i enjoy spaceflight and beer, and long walks in lush forests on previously undiscovered planets. I invite adventurers to join up and help us explore! “

To explore new world, and enjoy a beer whilst doing it!


Obey the rule of the System you travel in, help those in need and discover new things!

- Page Under Construction. Please check back soon! -