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Zenith Armada Project / ZAP

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An Australian & East Asian
Star Citizen org
with a growing presence

In all countries across the Pacific.

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The galaxy was a lawless place, and the aftermath of humanity’s first space conflict had only made it worse. Many had grown fat and powerful on the spoils of war, but the founding members of the Zenith Armada Project (ZAP) were not content with just wealth and power. With new threats and challenges arising all the time they knew to thrive they would need an enduring legacy. An organisation that could weather storms.

With their wealth and connections ZAP’s founders pooled their resources to establish the backbone of a legacy. The initial funding for the ZAP Brotherhood came from the spoils of war, but as the Brotherhood grew in size and strength they would eventually realise their vision, becoming the ZAP Armada, a vast space-faring civilisation of multifaceted disciplines and capabilities grown under the dominion of ZAP’s military reach.

As they grew, on their path to Armada, the Brotherhood would quickly become known as a highly effective military force. Their training and equipment were top-shelf, and their loyalty to each other was unshakable. They took on contract after contract, building a reputation as a formidable force in battle.


The Zenith Armada Project started as a brotherhood of friends with a vision of a nomadic nation. An armada with all the self-sufficiency and wealth of a sedentary country, yet the flexibility and freedom of a band of gunslingers.

At first as a brotherhood, and later as an armada, ZAP will pursue wealth and conquest wherever our inclinations take us. We’ll set our own rules, and enforce them aggressively. While we’ll always be ready to pick up sticks and move on, we’ll seek to build infrastructure and ally ourselves with complimentary ventures, experimenting with new technologies and inventions, and seeking discovery all along the way. We’ll take chances, and go places few others dare to go.

ZAP won’t stop learning and growing, always looking for new ways to improve ourselves and the ‘verse. We’ll seek to stay ahead of the curve in science and technology, always finding new things to explore and create, but above all we will pursue the glory of ZAP. Our first and primary goal is to become the best Armada we can be.


The ZAP Brotherhood started in war, and the ZAP Armada grew in conflict. We occupy a grey area at the frontiers of the ‘verse that some may find distasteful. But just as ZAP aren’t white knights, neither are we lowlifes. While we protect our own interests fiercely, we value integrity and respect. We strive to be fair and honest in what we do. ZAP has a reputation for doing a good job and doing right by their friends, and we work hard to keep it that way.

We have big dreams and big ambitions, and to realise them we will invest and participate in all manner of resources and activities, building enduring relationships, and ever churning our wealth. Sometimes you’ll find us running in the humdrum of civilisation, doing an “honest day’s work,” and at other times we’ll be off after the big bucks on the frontiers where opportunity beckons, pursuing the high reward on the other side of high risk.