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Zephyr Aerospace / ZAS

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Direct, Proportionate, Solutions


Formerly the ‘Zephyr Skunk Works’, a division of Aegis Dynamics based in the Castra system and charged chiefly with the development of life-extension programs for existing Aegis military craft. The Zephyr team were a mixture of quality control analysts, aerospace engineers and test pilots. Working closely with the navy Zephyr spent years developing and testing some of the hardware packages that kept venerable ships in service and helped push the boundaries to achieve even higher levels of performance in craft needed for highly specialized missions.

Following the end of the cold war and demilitarization and dismantling of the Perry Line systems Aegis laid off many of it’s subcontractors and specialist technical teams in anticipation of lean times ahead. Zephyr, left on Castra with decades of knowledge and nowhere to go decided to take their fate into their own hands and put that knowledge to use.

Zephyr Aerospace, incorporated on Terra in 2901 represents a realization of the potential that knowledge and experience created. Setting out into the uncertainty of the post-messer future with nothing but determination and the shared desire to take their machine shop to the stars, Zephyr Aerospace has grown from a single-hangar informal parts vendor in Sherman to a multi-system corporation with an empire-wide reach.

Zephyr today is in some ways much like it always has been. We still have a keen eye on quality and a close working relationship with security services, we still know how to tear-down a P5G Gladius in the morning and put it back together before your coffee gets cold. But these days, our teams are operating empire-wide and we do more than tinker with fighters: we tune high-end racing craft track-side on short notice, we repair foreign object collision damage in situ in an active dig zone, and in high risk systems we provide escort and anti-piracy patrol.

Freelancing, light engineering, security and freight: Zephyr Aerospace is your one-stop shop for short notice, high priority logistical, engineering and paramilitary support.


Life is too short for bad gaming

Persons joining Zephyr Aerospace (hereafter ‘the group’), should be given to understand that this exists as much as an out-of-character collection of friends as an in-character organisation of characters. We will respect one another as people and take care to always hold ourselves to the highest standards of behavior in private and when dealing with each other. We are all here to have fun, and we have more fun when we play together. Our characters may hate each other, they may often disagree, but we will make sure these actions are planned, or communicated well to each other. We will make sure a misunderstood or casual action never leads to grievance. Our characters will be individuals; they may be strange, terrifying or loners, but we will always remember that there are many ways and reasons for things to be the way they are and will never isolate ourselves to the detriment of the group. We will share our success and failure to make our parties big and our commiserations merry.


All members should:

-Behave like adults: This organisation is 18+, but we have no power to compel anyone to produce ID. When maturity levels are questionable, you will be asked to leave.

-Behave civilly: This means that people from all backgrounds and all walks of life are welcome here, unless they’re breaking the law or spreading hate.

-Have goals: No one else is responsible for your fun. We can only help you to help yourself.


Zephyr Aerospace SA

Zephyr Aerospace ‘the Company’, is a private light engineering, logistics and security firm registered on Terra. It holds a commercial licence for the operation of all weight classes of paramilitary and civilian space-craft including armed craft specified ‘limited circulation’ under the historic Frontier Protection Scheme and new Militia Mobilisation Initiative. The Company exists as both a vendor for registered militia operators, light salvage and engineering firm specializing in Aegis Dynamics parts and chassis, and a risk management group operating a small number of paramilitary craft. It’s licence extends to most of UEE space with exceptions for areas of special scientific or strategic interest and permits the company to separately bid out subcontracts.

Corporate and Operations

The Company’s head office at 92nd Steed Street; known as ‘Zephyr Hangar’ following the 2944 rebuild of the old nightclub ‘Halo’, remains the centre of business operations for multi-system operations, but day-to-day operations are managed (based on project scope) from either rented or leased premises in the local galactic volume, or a major fleet unit operating in-system (ZAS Destroyer, Frigate and Corvette-class vessels are deployed based on the scope or threat present or implicit in the work to be undertaken).

Zephyr maintains a number of these ‘mothballed’ workshops and hangars on long-term lease to provide it with flexibility in bidding for contracts but doctrinally prefers a small more highly mobile staff rather than leaving skeleton crews behind at former sites. These ‘Operational Support Teams’ are usually composed of one or more Field Consultants supported by their Technical Specialists and Agents. Comprising the lifeblood of the company it’s veteran staff have been all over the empire on long or short term contracts doing everything from tuning racing craft, repairing battle damage, or deep space salvage.


The Company provides three key contractual services to clients.

  • Engineering
    • Parts and repair services: Our technical staff are experts in minifabrication and zero-gee damage assessment, we’ve helped Frontier Protection Scheme units patch battle damage and racing teams tweak high performance engines.
    • Salvage and recovery: With space-frames capable of handling hazardous recovery missions in deep space, asteroid fields or nebula formations, our crews know how to disassemble and render-down wreckage for safe removal.
  • Aerospace
    • Rescue and Recovery: Simply put, the lifeline you need, when you need it. We have the craft necessary not just to get you moving again, but to make sure that wherever you are, you come home.
    • Zero-gee risk management: space-craft escort, personal protection, contracted civil enforcement and many others. Our aim is always to provide a directed, proportionate solution.
  • Corporate
    • Freight Services: Any cargo legal under UEE law for which you require extra peace of mind in shipping, our agents can handle (Note: We provide courier services subject to negotiation if either end-point or collection point reside outside UEE jurisdiction. Under all circumstances cargo must be law for transport by UEE registered craft).
    • Management Support: Personnel services, training and business consulting.