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Z Special Unit is a multifaceted corporation encompassing various roles from Military to Civilian

ZSU prides itself on its strong military core with combat Veterans from across the verse

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ZSU Ethos: Comradery – Teamwork – Honor – Respect


Early History:

The ‘Z Special Unit’ (ZSU) can trace its origins all the way back to Earth during the Second World War, several centuries before Terrans left their homeworld to explore the Verse. Originally ZSU was a small task force assembled by the Australian government to undertake dangerous and covert missions behind enemy lines throughout the Asia-Pacific region. During these early days ZSU consisted mainly of a small group of highly capable soldiers from all different military backgrounds.

Throughout the many conflicts of the 20th century the ZSU quickly gained a reputation as a highly talented military force with an outstanding service record. Over its many years of exemplary service the ZSU proceeded to expand its personnel base beyond the scope of a pure Covert Ops unit and began to expand increasingly into many future tech areas.

In 2015 ZSU combined forces with teams from the European Union to form ZSUEU.

Operation: LIGHTSPEED – Year 2072
A then highly classified mission to rescue the daughter of Lead RSI Engine Designer Dr.Scott Childress who was being held hostage in exchange for all current plans to the then Top Secret Quantum Drive Project. ZSU was tasked with the mission to recover the hostage from the then still Communist North Korea. Their objective was to infiltrate the base on the island of Yang-do without causing alerting any of the 500+ strong local garrison in Yang-do. Using as much stalactite and intelligence data as possible the ZSU made a plan to raid the complex that was suspected to be currently detaining the daughter of Dr.Childress at 1700-Zulu time, June 6th.

At 1738-Zulu, upon infiltrating the complex after making a successful amphibious landing and neutralising all the guarding forces at the compound, ZSU discovered that the girl had been moved to another building complex only hours prior to the commencement of operation LIGHTSPEED and was now located 1-click east of their current position. Upon leaving the initial hostage location, timed charges were set on large petroleum storage tanks within compound and set to detonate at first light. After avoiding several patrols ZSU proceeded to surgically remove all hostile forces preventing the extraction of Dr.Childress’ daughter without alerting the island’s main garrison of troops.

With the successful retrieval of a very relieved hostage, the team proceeded to the extraction point on the South-West part of the island and no further hostile engagements were encountered en-route to the EP. At first light and with ex-hostage safely in hand ZSU was almost home when explosions from the timed chargers proceed to announce to the island’s garrison the extent of their failure.

The then North Korean Media officially reported at the time that all deaths at Yang-do on 06/06/2072 were the result of gas leak with no mention of hostile forces or hostages.




ZSU Ethos: Comradery – Teamwork – Honor – Respect


Z Special Unit’s Structure

Z Special Unit is governed by a board of members. The board currently consists of Dr. Rockso, Iconic, and Vincent Valairen aka Deathwalker.

Military Division – represented by the circular badge

ZSU’s Military Division’s primary role is the protection of our civilian branch Z Special Unit co.

The military division is responsible for all security operations, freelance missions, bounty missions, requests for assistance by our allies (where sanctioned by the board), and other possible inter-organisational military operations.

ZSU’s Civilian Division – represented by the yellow rectangular badge

Our civilian division will be responsible for all non-militarized operations and businesses. From exploration to mining and all things in between.




ZSU Ethos: Comradery – Teamwork – Honor – Respect


Z Special Unit’s Charter

All members are encouraged to take up any roles they choose within ZSU.
We’re here first and foremost to have fun, so if you wish to traverse the verse exploring the nether regions please join us as an explorer and be confident that will you have available to you the support of our military fleet. The same applies to all our civilian roles including mining and transportation.

If later down the track you wish to venture into ZSU’s military ranks, we can see to it when the moment arises.

Z Special Unit aims to become a self-sufficient, multifaceted, and structured organization covering all commercial aspects within Star Citizen.
Everything from exploration & industry, to mining & transportation, all underpinned and supported by our roots in military operations on Earth.

Composition and Roles. The overall structure of ZSU will follow closely to its core structure founded hundreds of years ago. However this is fluid and as the organization expands, the composition and roles will change with it in consultation with members and stakeholders.

Ranks ZSU has no ranks. You’re either Civilian. Military, Officer WIP , Divisional Manager or board member.

Resources and Support. All reasonable requests for resources and support to be met by the organization when available and when it’s in the interest of the organization, its members and stakeholders.

Operations. TBD WIP

Code of Conduct

Members are to read and understand the following. Blatant ignorance of the below can see you discharged, demoted or your trading/employee status revoked.

• All members to treat each other with decency and respect.
• All members are to conduct themselves in a manner that enhances the reputation of the organization.
• When available and convenient, members are to aid where and when requested by other members and leadership. (Follow any reasonable directions from ZSU leaders).
• All members are to make available any and all alliances or memberships to other organizations current and future.
• All members are to advise leadership of intentions to leave ZSU or join any additional organization/s.

ZSU Members are forbidden from the following

• Cheating on any server at any time for any reason, using hacks, exploits or other means whether or not it affords an unfair advantage over other players – any members found cheating will be removed from the organization without notice, deemed an enemy combatant and forever after treated as such by our military division. There are no if’s or buts about it. There is a strict no tolerance in ZSU for cheating in any form.

• Picking on or harass other players in any server at any time for any reason.

• Behaving in a manner that brings disrepute on the ZSU or its members.

• Behaving in a manner that causes, or has the potential to cause internal division or a breakdown in morale.

• Recruiting or attempting to recruit players who are primary members of another Star Citizen Organization.

• Using another player’s name, or using the tags of another organization*.

• Using offensive or discriminatory language (ie. personal attacks, racial insults, etc).