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Citizen's Coffee Company / CITCCO

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Welcome to the Citizen’s Coffee Company!

The go to stop in the ‘verse for all your networking needs!.



The Citizen’s Coffee Company was founded by a UEE Army veteran who made it his mission to provide a common location among all UEE ports where organization representatives could meet and network. He was known simply as “The Citizen”, and where he went after starting the CCC is unknown…


The Citizen’s Coffee Company is a business with establishments in just about every major space port in UEE space. We have an open door policy to any Citizen, unless you are a known and wanted criminal. Regardless of your past, once your record is cleared you are welcome to come to the CCC and enjoy good company and find a unique player driven experience in the universe. We want every customer to feel welcomed here, and are more than happy to help a newcomer in the verse get comfortable and get their feet wet while looking for an organization to call home.

What the CCC is not.

This is not an alliance. No member of the CCC holds any type of authority over any other member of the organization outside of their own org activities. There is no governing body that attempts to push an agenda on any other individual, group or organization.


We have very simple rules to follow here at the Citizen’s Coffee Company.

  • Keep the place clean and friendly, don’t turn our comms channels into something that needs heavy moderation.
  • Respect each others organizations. Regardless of an organization’s size, everyone is on the same level here. Whatever rank or title you hold in your main organization has no meaning inside of the CCC.
  • Absolutely no open recruitment is allowed. We encourage you to introduce your organization on Spectrum in the archive area in order for other organization representatives to search for a useful contract partner. However, any reports of poaching or visible recruitment will result in your organization being removed from the CCC network. (Exception is the clearly labeled “Shameless Recruitment” section on Spectrum. Many people have put hard work into making great artwork for their org, and this is the one are where we welcome you to share your creations.)

Whatever drama you may have with another organization, leave it at the door. Nobody here has time to get involved with your petty claims, keep it among yourselves. If it is directly related to the CCC, report it to management.