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Interstellar Nemesis Incorporated / NEMESIS

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Interstellar Nemesis Incorporated Welcomes you!

We are a Private Military Company, founded to provide security to all upstanding citizens and alike.


2940: Nemesis Security Services PMC founded.
2941: Transportting Interplanetary CO founded.
2942: Transportting Interplanetary CO and Nemesis Security Services PMC merged to Nemesis Interplanetary Services PMC.
2944: Nemesis Interplanetary Services PMC expanded services and area of operations to interstellar space, as Interstellar Nemesis Incorporated PMC
2944: Interstellar Nemesis Incorporated PMC affiliated with XPLOR


INI PMC provides first and foremost security escort services as well as secure transport of valuable goods.
INI PMC provides search & rescue.
INI PMC provides retreve & retaliate service against pirates.


Nemesis is lawful corporation and will do what is neccesary to protect its client and/or clients goods.

The Good of Corporation comes first.
-All members shall always do what is good for INI over their own good, whilst on dudy.

Clients well beign is Companys well beign.
-Protecting clients and their goods bring wealth to the company, wealth to the company brings security to the galaxy.

Company is its members.
-Any member of INI is required to assist any other member of INI in danger, as long as his or hers mission is not dangered by said assist.