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Welcome to the Tactical Advance Community

Visit us at tacticaladvance.co.uk


About Us

Tactical Advance began with the vision of building the best organization in the Star Citizen universe. In order to be the best, we need to attract the best players. That does not mean the best pilots, the best miners, or the best shooters…it means the best people. We have always focused on making the community the priority. Through all our iterations of leadership, we have always strived to give our membership a voice.

This organization has suffered growing pains like any other community of its kind. But we have emerged each time smarter, stronger and better equipped to handle the challenges of managing a large organization bent on being the best in its field. Our structure has been refined, our resolve has been solidified and our future has been made bright like the stars we will be first to discover.

We have grown from a Star Citizen organiztion of theorycrafting and genuine interest in a hope-inspiring space sim; into a thriving and active community of gamers that have rallied around an idea. We are here to have fun and enjoy a shared experience through gaming.

Tactical Advance is the Org’s Chairman and Founder (we call him “Tac”). The Org was started in early 2014 as a way for fans and supporters to get together and prepare for the monumental task of becoming the best organization in Star Citizen. Today we are 1,000 full members strong and growing and there truly is something for everyone here. We have come a long way, to be sure, but our story is far from over…come and join us in writing the coming chapters!

If you have inquiries about the Org, contact:

Roy Urquhart Diplomatic Councellor

Any of our Officers will be able to help as well, join our TeamSpeak 24/7 and we can take care of you.

TeamSpeak Info
Server Address: tacticaladvance.dyndns-ip.com
password: tac1


An Ambitious Org

We believe that playing with other people is the best way to enjoy Star Citizen. With 1000+ full members across the globe, Tactical Advance will always have large-scale group activities going on, and members will never lack for something to do. Smaller and more nimble than the massive 10,000 player Orgs, but still large enough to get massively complex jobs done, we are well-positioned to charge into the Persistent Universe!

Our goals are simple: establish a trading empire; explore the edges of the known universe; defend against raiders while striking back at the Vanduul. Above all, we must make sure our members have a great time. So ultimately, we have developed systems for balancing accomplishing our goals with creating an egalitarian structure where members of TA are encouraged to participate, but never forced. No one will ever be required to take an order.

The Future

Individual members of the Org can make a major difference. Tactical Advance is looking for both leaders and general members to help us complete our vision: combat pilots to defend our fleets, explorers to identify lucrative opportunities, miners and salvagers to extract resources, traders to haul our minerals to market.

We have 2 restrictions

1. Tactical Advance is a lawful Org — our members must not take part in piracy. But remember this: for players interest in combat, there will be no shortage of work in Tactical Advance.
2. Tactical Advance is an exclusive Organization. We do not accept affiliates. It’s acceptable to belong to a social group of friends, but TA must be the main Org for anyone in TA.

How to Apply

1. Fill out our application form and apply on this site.
2. Register at Tactical Advance Forums (Use your RSI Moniker)
3. Post in the Recruitment Thread to expedite your application
4. Hop on our TeamSpeak, the info is down below, and flag down one of our readily available members and ask them to forward you to a recruiter for an interview. Please use your RSI Community Moniker to join TeamSpeak.
We aim to create the best company in Star Citizen. See you in the ‘verse!


Any of our Officers will be able to help as well, join our TeamSpeak 24/7 and we can take care of you.

TeamSpeak Info
Server Address: tacticaladvance.dyndns-ip.com
password: tac1



Tactical Advance is a formidable entity in the Star Citizen universe, and strives to be a leader in all arenas — Exploration, Industry, and Security. These areas of the game make up our three Divisions, each led by a Council.


  • Exploration, science, and information running.


  • Logistics (cargo hauling, fueling), resource collection (mining, salvaging) and trading (turning those areas into cash!).


  • Combat-related activities: Tactical Fighters, Bombers, Marines, Search and Rescue, etc

Division Tasks
  • Advise and train players interested in roles covered by the Division
  • Create and run Operations (see below)

Note that players can join as many (or little) of these divisions as they wish — membership in one division should not preclude a player from joining additional ones or taking part in game activities that might fall outside of their Division’s purview. Additionally, players that don’t want to participate in group activities can opt out of Divisions altogether and simply do their own thing (as long as they follow the Org rules of engagement).


Large-scale, complex group activities will be taken as often as players are available for them. These Operations will span all 3 areas of gameplay: Mining Operations that require Exploration to find resources, Industry to extract minerals and ship them to our factories, and Security protect the whole group. Other Operations include raids into Vanduul space, long-range Exploration Expeditions, or precision Marine strikes on a pirate outpost.


Whereas the Primary Divisions cover areas of the actual game, Administrative Divisions allow TA to function as an Org. Their tasks mostly take place outside of the game itself.

Diplomacy handles inter-Org relations.
Media covers the TA web site, forums, news, TS, YouTube, etc.

Each of the six divisions is led by a Director and their team of Officers. These Directors make the High Council that sets the Org’s direction.


Law-abiding – We are obedient to the laws of our universe and by-laws of our organization.

Ambitious – we have a strong determination to succeed at all aspects of star citizen.

Professionalism – At all times we act with integrity providing quality service, reliability, fidelity, and responsibility.

Participation – We strive to stay involved with our community and its activities.

Ownership – Ownership is a concept we hold dearly within Tactical Advance. We can take ownership of our actions, our role within the organization, business relations, our fun and most importantly our mistakes in the highest regard. Pro activity is our staple and when the question of who needs to step up to the plate comes up, we take ownership.


Members of the Tactical Advance Organization are expected to adhere to all company by-laws:

  • The actions of all Tactical Advance members are expected to be a reflection of our core values and company charter.
  • Members of Tactical Advance are expected to provide closure for all commitments made. We do this through results or communication.
  • Members of Tactical Advance are expected to partake in our community in full personal measure.


  • We handle ourselves with dignity, confidence and apply logical reasoning to both business negotiations and social situations.
  • As a community, we are encouraged to help others as much as possible without compromising our mission statement, manifesto or charter.


We understand our players have lives, families, responsibilities, and careers beyond video games. Although we promote an ambitious hardcore environment we are happy to be understanding and flexible with our player base. However, we do have specific aspects of our community that require additional time such as officer positions or competitive teams. If you wish to partake in this you will need to step it up respectively to fill any responsibilities you apply for.


Tactical Advance outside of Star Citizen is also a gaming community that strives to connect people through our forums and Team Speak server as we further develop into a broader multi-gaming community.


For more information, check out our How To Join Tactical Advance page.

If you have inquiries about the Org, contact:

Dr. Albert Greene Director of Diplomacy

Any of our Officers will be able to help as well, join our TeamSpeak 24/7 and we can take care of you.

TeamSpeak Info
Server Address: tacticaladvance.dyndns-ip.com
password: tac1