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Tactical Advance / TADVANCE

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Welcome to the Tactical Advance Organisation

How to Join

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Tactical Advance is a gaming community that was founded in early 2014 with the goal of becoming the best organization in the Star Citizen universe. The community has since grown into an active group of gamers who are focused on having fun and enjoying a shared experience through gaming. The community has developed systems for balancing their goals with creating an egalitarian structure, where members of Tactical Advance are encouraged to participate but never forced. The community is looking for leaders and general members to help them complete their vision, including combat pilots, explorers, miners and salvagers, and traders.

To join Tactical Advance, you must apply on their RSI page and select Tactical Advance as your main organization on your RSI account. You must also be 18 years of age or older to join, and the community does not condone piracy or griefing. If you have any questions, you can contact any Director, Assistant Director, or Academy officer. Additionally, you can join our Discord for assistance.

Discord –


Tactical Advance is an ambitious and well-organized organization with over 1000 members from around the world. The organization is exclusive, hardcore, and focused on trading and exploration. Tactical Advance is not a role-playing organization but accepts and supports RP. The organization values mature behavior, full-spectrum gameplay, and a focus on skill and competency.

Tactical Advance is looking for leaders and general members to help establish a trading empire, explore the edges of the universe, and defend against raiders while striking back at the Vanduul. Members of the organization can make a significant difference in achieving these goals.

Tactical Advance is open to players of all backgrounds and experience levels, with a focus on inclusivity and mutual respect. The organization has a simple rule structure, with members having a voice in organization management and open-door leadership.

The organization is committed to a balance of success and fun, with members encouraged to participate in organization activities at their pace. Tactical Advance emphasizes a culture of skill and competency and is designed to be a fun and enjoyable place to play with friends.

The organization is worldwide, with a 24-hour online presence and a focus on passive recruitment. Tactical Advance is committed to a long-term vision of being a preeminent organization when the game goes live and acknowledges that Star Citizen is currently in an alpha state with content droughts. Additionally, the organization provides support and acceptance of members enjoying other games.

Discord –


A Structure to Achieve Our Goals

Tactical Advance is a formidable entity in the Star Citizen universe and strives to be a leader in all arenas – Exploration, Industry, and Security. These areas of the game make up our three Divisions, each led by a Council.

Exploration, science, and information running.

Logistics (cargo hauling, fueling), resource collection (mining, salvaging) and trading (turning those resources into cash!).

Combat-related activities: Tactical Fighters, Bombers, Marines, Search and Rescue, etc.

Division Tasks

  • Advise and train players interested in roles covered by the Division
  • Create and run Operations (see below)

Note that players can join as many (or few) of these divisions as they wish – membership in one division should not preclude a player from joining additional ones or taking part in game activities that might fall outside of their Division’s purview. Additionally, players that don’t want to participate in group activities can opt out of Divisions altogether and simply do their own thing (as long as they follow the organization rules of engagement).