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The Avenger StalkerFROM

Initially designed as Aegis’ frontline carrier ship for the military, the Avenger Stalker took a different path, ultimately having a long and storied career as the standard patrol craft of the UEE Advocacy. Utilizing its cargo hold for prisoner transport, the Avenger features a sturdy, reliable hull and the capacity for larger-than-expected engine mounts. *This is the standard Avenger chassis with the Stalker Prisoner Transport module pre-installed.*
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Concept Art

The Aegis Avenger

Front view

Flight Mode

Cockpit view

Weapons Loadout - Joker Suckerpunch Distortion Cannon

Weapons Loadout - Kruger Tigerstreik T-21

Engine view

Cargo view

Prisoner Pods

Technical overview

Avenger Stalker

Aegis Dynamics
  • Occupied
  • Available

Key technical information

Avenger Stalker
  • Fighter
  • Interceptor/Bounty Hunting
  • 19 meters
  • 18,500 Kg
  • 1 person
  • 4

Note: Ship specifications are subject to change.

Propulsion overview

Thrusters and Engines on this ship

Hardpoints overview

Weapons and Modular Systems on this ship
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Cam view

View angle

Points of interest

Render type

Variants matrix






Production state


Cargo capacity

Max crew

Max power plant size

Factory power plant

Max engine (primary thruster)

Factory engine

Maneuvering thrusters

Factory maneuvering thrusters

Max shield






Unmanned Turret

Manned Turret






Power plant

Shield generator




Suggested Pledge :

Hunt your prey in the darkest corners of the galaxy with the Aegis Dynamics Avenger, a rough-and-tumble attack fighter with a reputation for settling scores. If you’re interested in life on the edge, the Avenger is the ship for you.

Avenger Stalker – Package
$75.00 USD
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This pledge includes :

  • Avenger Stalker
  • Aeroview Hangar
  • Starting Money: 2,000 UEC
  • 6 Month Insurance
  • Digital Game Soundtrack
  • Star Citizen Digital Download
  • Digital Star Citizen Manual
  • Digital Star Map

Other Options :

Aegis Dynamics Avenger – Standalone Ship
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$60.00 USD
Avenger Stalker – Upgrade to this ship

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