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May 2nd 2013

New Concept Art & Fan Spotlight

New Concept Art & Fan Spotlight

$9.2 million! Support for the Aurora Sale has been astounding and there are still two days left. Get your Aurora LX or Starter Package while you can.

New Concept Art

Today we’d like to share some new concept art with you, fresh off the presses! As the team moves to start in-engine production of the star systems discussed during the pledge campaign, our concept artists are rapidly turning out ‘look and feel’ pieces of an increasingly diverse number of locations. We think these two show a good example of how broad the Star Citizen universe is going to be:

First up is Tyrol, a red giant bordering Banu territory that is preparing to go supernova. We’re hoping Tyrol ends up being a great place to expand Star Citizen with live events, possibly chronicling tensions between humans and the Banu… or a disaster surrounding the effects of the nova on the inhabited planet. Many of our systems are planned this way, with room to expand and change for future stories after the game goes live. The Tyrol art is by Corentin Chevanne, whose work on Stanton you saw yesterday.

And this is Beijing, the third landout city on Earth. Development subscribers got a sneak peak at Beijing in this month’s Jump Point, but this shot has changed radically even since that was published! New York is a good place to buy ships and see the sights, Moscow is a good place for upgrades… and Beijing is the home to Earth’s black market (among other things!) The Beijing art is by Josh Kao, who is working on both Earth and Terra!

Fan Spotlight

We were honored last week to have forum member Yoshi stop by the office. In addition to being a Star Citizen fan, Yoshi is a professional concert lighting director. He stopped in to see the office and share his technical expertise with us… and he was kind enough to offer the team VIP tickets to the Carrie Underwood concert he was lighting! Yoshi will appear on tomorrow’s Wingman’s Hangar, but we wanted to cut together a longer video about his visit for anyone interested in the more technical aspects of what he does:

Wingman’s Hangar

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for an all-new Wingman’s Hangar! We’re capping off Aurora sale week with a really big show: Chris Roberts will be on hand to answer your questions and you’ll hear all about Behaviour’s visit to Austin. That plus all the news and entertainment you can handle. Be there at 11 AM CST! (-5 GMT)



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