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May 13th 2013

Armitage Concept Art

Armitage Concept Art

Greetings Citizens,

We’re happy to share with you the next piece of “look and feel” concept art created for Star Citizen. This is the former colony on Orion III, aka “Armitage.” Armitage was the site of the farthest human colony from Earth… and one of the first targets of the Vanduul menace. Vanduul raids forced the UEE to withdraw from the system, leaving only a small contingent of insular survivalists on the shattered world.

And now, for the first time, we’d like to share with you the next step in the process — the development of specific locations. Having established aerial and ground mood shots, we asked concept artists to begin developing specific locations on the planet. These are the places you’ll visit in the game: the yards where you’ll outfit your ship, the bars where you’ll meet other players and pick up missions and so forth. Writer Dave Haddock created brief bios for locations on Armitage to help the artists:
The Bay – An abandoned repair shop. Solar cells still have power so travelling pilots can plug in their repair bots. Jing0, an old, beaten up assist-droid, still wanders the ruins and helps pilots as if the place wasn’t a bombed-out hellhole.
            Offers: Ship Repairs, Refueling, Ship modification (limited)
Lost Horizon – A sill/drinking hole run by Joy, a Miss Havisham-type woman, with her two sons, Barko and Trent, as her muscle. There are devices to seal the place up if a Vanduul ship hits the system. Aside from booze, they trade in criminal info but you only get access to that if you’re a regular.
            Offers: Bar/Local Meeting Place, Criminal Infoagent

Three early sketches were created for each of these locales. Next, the team will select the one that they like best and the concept artist will further develop it as a full color piece. This is VERY early work; after we select a direction from these options, we will hand the art over to level builders who will create the actual environment inside the CryEngine. In the coming months we will be sharing with you that process, so you can follow level creation from these early steps to the finished game.

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