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October 3rd 2012

Page to Screen: Kilrathi ConCom

Page to Screen: Kilrathi ConCom

For the last in our series of Wing Commander film sketches, please enjoy this early draft of the Kilrathi “ComCon” ship. Early on in the movie, Blair and Angel discover the concom while on patrol… and then towards the end of the film the Tiger Claw crew boards him to replenish their fuel supplies.

In the original movie as shot, the concom is the setting for the film’s climactic showdown, a knife fight between Blair, Gerald and a Pilgrim traitor revealed to be Admiral Wilson of Pegasus station. Test audiences found the reveal confusing and Wilson’s role was removed from the finished movie.

Hardcore Wing Commander geeks may know that the ship in question is a Thrakhra-class ComCon, an especially rare communications ship. The Wing Commander novelization by Peter Telep describes the ship as being similar to a Dorkir… a line he surely would not have included had he been able to seen the actual design of the ship when writing the book!

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