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Spectrum Dispatch







June 22nd 2022

Xi'an Transmission


Sōa” e nui NyaSaoXy’an e m.oa yai PyāSi’ e yiyā’suith se Hyū’mân

o ue’a xiiyāxue’a ya.’u .u tung yai pōpuo, yi’kr.ōng e yā’suith, tyao y.āing e xyi ngi’p.ū ue e .ā āi’uen kuām SaoXy’an u’u oa e yai x.uang e uingSao. o noth chā’nō ha” Yii’ua e m.oa.

e myā yeth e ang rii .ā yā’suith .u huoang xān ha” PyāSi’ e Hyū’mân ka huiteth e sen Stan’ton uth Pai’ro se SaoHyūm. reth’e yii’ua e yu’aXy’an e huang .u ke’u uth ngiru’p.ū u’nya ya.’u. o pa kuai xu.t’e’ng h’ā.k’ya e r.uo .ā xiiyā tuom ti u’nya.k’ya.Hy’ūm, thle, e .ā ch.ōl e t.o te’an p.ū e thle’a se se’lan ueth pyā e rii ky.āo ya.’u, ri’a.h’a r.uo pa ue’a PyāSi’ ueth ang reth soaōng yo r.uo h’ā.k’ya .u k.uāth uth sol xung.thl’yū’th. e ka e huiteth Pai’ro e lue so Stan’ton xyo.l’e se tuom uth t.o .ā po.a’u ueth ky.āo nui nya e m.oa ue e xyochen tyao o n.eng lo’e ka’i.y’a.

reth soaōng yo r.uo h’ā.k’ya ueth Hyūm’lai PyāSi’ r.uo po’.u’a tuom sol xung.thl’yū’th uth so soaōng nuang r.uo t.u. r.uo sā ti ueth k.eth, ro’xyuai, tyao sanra se tuom nuang r.uo lye ueth Hyūm’lai uth san se Hyūm’lai. reth mo yeth e m.ue e hyath nya e puāng se Si’ o ngya kuai nuong ti san e luai y.e o nāl ueth san e lē, o myā lai xyea y.ui xuntuonuo’a e ra tyao o’so.’e. o myā sāo nui xyosēng e ko’.e’o .u huā. e kuai sū chi lai yeth xyā’i e reth pa xon .u ning nyanyo.uē” hue nyaHyūm kua e yi’toy.āing ya.’u tyao e h.yong .u nii hue pyā ya.’u, e lai. o .ā sū chā’nō Yii’ua se Krē ueth chuo uth sya an”’a o xiiyāxue’a.

o noth n.eng ka huiteth sya.’u .u u’nya e xē” .u nii. o noth .uai .u so.’e nya se Yii’ua e lē. o noth chā’nō .u xy.uai ueth chuo e ka’i.y’a nya e o myā n.eng .u yoso. e ngya kua e e chi e’a ky.āo nui lē,’a o kuai tang’ue yō yi’a nui Chao’p.ū’alSao e ka Ar’Korp uth o sū kuai se” lē.

e ngya āi’uen e rii thlēng e ch.āngk.ūng e xue’a ue to.’o’pu PyāSi’ ning Stan’ton’a o kuai tang’ue yō uai.’al xyi huiteth .u leth .u yao ti uingXa e Mak’nuth tyao Te’ra. o noth ngyai nya e o yao lai sāo ueth ka” e ngisa’a yai nyaXy’an ue e ko’.e’o huā, uth o noth he.y’an o.a’i e chi sān poky’a.



This update provides citizens of the Xi’an Empire with general information regarding criminal activity, terrorist violence, or political violence that is transpiring beyond our borders, as well as information on domestic threats. All Houses are required to take heed.

Be aware that the Human group known as “XenoThreat” has shown a sharp increase in terrorist activity in the United Empire of Earth systems Stanton and Pyro. This group is comparable in size and influence to an important Xi’an Yu’a House. Though their repeated invasions of the Stanton system have been rebuffed, the Human government has so far failed to annihilate this dangerous group, despite XenoThreat’s announcement that they will continue their heinous and unprovoked attacks. The location of their home base in the Stanton-adjoining system Pyro makes them a clear and present danger to all who reside in or travel through the sector.

XenoThreat is intent on attacking non-Humans. They do so without provocation, and with the intent to kill. They may use handheld weapons, non-conventional weapons, or their spacecraft to target non-Humans and non-Human vessels. Many members of XenoThreat seem to be familiar with military tactics. If you are approached by a strange vessel while operating your spacecraft, do not respond to any hails or otherwise engage. Flee to the nearest safe location. It is unclear at this time how wide this violent sentiment against our people has spread among Humans or if it remains specific to this group. House Krē will continue to monitor the situation and provide further updates as needed.

Travelers throughout these systems are urged to do so in groups. It is best to accompany other members of your House. Those who must travel alone are advised to pay close attention to their surroundings. If you believe yourself to be in danger, please contact the Xi’an consulate on ArcCorp and you will be assisted.

In the event XenoThreat launches another coordinated invasion of the Stanton system, please exit the system as soon as possible through the Magnus or Terra jump points. Those who cannot flee are advised to retreat to the nearest Xi’an friendly location and await the end of hostilities.

End Transmission



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