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August 28th 2013

Hangar Release Imminent

Hangar Release Imminent

Greetings Citizens,

The Hangar Module launch is nearly upon us! Tomorrow, Thursday August 29th, we will make the initial public version of the Hangar Module available for download. The team is very excited to share their hard work with the community. Your pledges have made this new method of game development a reality and we’re thrilled to be able to share the earliest iteration of what you are allowing us to create.

Please keep in mind that this is an extremely early pre-pre-alpha release. It is intended to show our backers the progress which is being made by the Star Citizen team and as a thank you for your support. It is by no means a polished or optimized game! We will continue to make improvements, many based on your feedback, immediately after launch.

In the coming months, the Hangar Module will be greatly enhanced. The live team plans to push out continual updates to address bugs and to increase optimization and stability. New ships and variants will be added as they become available, as will further ship upgrades and hangar decorations. Two major revisions will also be published in the future to add major new features like new Hangar types, as well as the ability for your friends to virtually visit your Hangar that will help prepare the Hangar Module to step into the next portion of Star Citizen.

Because the Hangar Module is a pre-alpha build, it will have some issues! Chief among them is the fact that optimization generally takes place at the end of the game development process. On this initial launch we are missing a lot of the level of detail optimizations from the ships that will greatly help with the performance issues. While the Hangar requires a powerful computer to run smoothly right now, the system requirements and the framerate will get better as development continues. To help us improve the Hangar we have established a special Hangar Module forum where you can report bugs and post other Hangar-related support issues. Please do not contact the CIG support address directly as they are not yet equipped to solve hangar problems. You can visit the Hangar Module support forum here.

To answer some of your common questions, we have launched a Hangar FAQ KB page, available here. We will continue to update the KB as new questions arise. Even though this is a very early build—the earliest we have ever shown anything to an audience—we are extremely proud of the current state of the Hangar Module and the direction it and Star Citizen as a whole are taking. We hope you will enjoy this close up and detailed look at how game development happens!

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