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January 24th 2014

Organizations On the Grow

Greetings Citizens,

The new Star Citizen Organizations system, which will carry into the finished game universe, launched just four days ago. Today, we’re proud to announce that the number of Organiztions set up is over 9,000! 9,291, to be exact. More than 27,000 players have now joined groups. There are 4,791 Orgs with multiple members including 27 with more than 100 and one with more than 1,000! (Congratulations to IMPERIUM.) In addition, Star Citizen Orgs now exist in a grand total of 80 different languages; now that’s a world-wide community.

Here’s a breakdown of the Organization roles as registered so far. The trends suggest exploration and freelancing are going to be big… and there should be a good market for skilled smugglers and infiltrators!

Org Archtype:

Generic 30%
Corp 23%
PMC 21%
Syndicate 16%
Faith 8%

Org Primary Roles:

Freelancing 23%
Exploration 17%
Security 13%
Bounty Hunting 8%
Trading 8%
Piracy 7%
Social 7%
Transport 4%
Mining 4%
Engineering 3%
Smuggling 2%
Infiltration 2%
Scouting 1%

Customizing Your Organization

Now that you’ve reserved your name and started recruiting your team, you can take advantage of the Organization System’s customization features! Not only can you assign your own ranks and roles to everyone on your team, but you can decorate your Org page to stand out in the crowd. Here are a few that have impressed the Cloud Imperium team:

We’ll be highlighting innovative Orgs in the future, so get out there and show us what you can do.

What’s Coming Up?

This week’s launch is only the beginning. There are big things coming up for Organizations. In the next drop, we will be allowing backers to create multiple Organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I join multiple organizations?

You will be able to join multiple organizations starting with the next major update to the system. The team at Turbulent is planning the update now, and we will release more information as soon as it is available.

How do I connect to the chat using a third-party client?

We’ve put an Spectrum KB for assisting with users who wish to connect with a third-party client.

Can I use transparent images in my Organization header?

Thanks to great feedback from the Bluetopia Network group, yes! We’ve updated the Organizations system to include support for transparent header images and GIF logos. (Note that animated GIFs will not display properly.)

Why is the live chat displaying my handle instead of my community moniker?

We are aware of this issue and are studying a solution. We hope to have the chat displaying the monikers rather than the handles in the future!

Is my Organization’s SID permanent?

Yes, SIDs are permanent and cannot be changed. Choose wisely!

You can find more answers in the updated Organizations FAQ KB page!

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