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April 1st 2016

Careers : Intergalactic Food Delivery

We're Looking for a Few Good Menus...

Big Benny's has already established themselves as a foundation of the Star Citizen universe.. and now it's up to you to distribute their menus, make their food and deliver it to the far reaches of the galaxy! Take some time to noodle it over!

Take a look!

“With the gentle tap of a missile, the Vanduul fighter blocking my path shattered into a trillion pieces. I took a brief moment of satisfaction as the once-proud Blade’s atmosphere lit up with a distinctive, instantaneous flash. A bold attacker as any I’d encountered, for sure, and a sentient life cut short. But it was him or me, and I couldn’t stop to grieve over a monster set on pillaging my precious cargo. I punched my throttle, sending my Retaliator bomber ahead full and then glanced at my mission computer: blast damage to all my armor, a rear hull fracture preparing to become a breach, a loose missile on pylon three that needs to be ejected. Damn, they hit me harder than I realized. Then I saw the timer: five minutes, fifteen seconds. This was going to be a rough one: if I couldn’t make the drop on time, the pizza would be free.” -Captain Ronald “Dagger” Gourami, SS Pepperoni Princess

Greetings, Citizens!

One thing we’ve learned in the past three years is that Star Citizen backers have unstoppable hungers. We’re talking about an enduring hunger for space combat, for exploration, for trading, for building their own stories in the universe we’re creating. It’s that hunger that has made the game possible… and now we’re going one step further. Because when you really drill down, there’s one hunger that’s even more important than all of these others put together: a hunger for hunger. That’s why we’re proud to announce that Star Citizen’s next career will be: food.

Of course, that makes perfect sense, you say. But how do we introduce food into a game with a very specific set of existing mechanics, most of which are based on the far less interesting experiences of visceral space combat action and futuristic sci-fi adventure? The answer is that we need to change the status quo, and to do that we have invested significant time and energy into rebuilding how Star Citizen integrates food on the most base level. The result of this system is a magnificent new core mechanic: GRUBBY HANDS. Grubby Hands is a complete, immersive technology system that accounts for meal development, preparation, delivery and more. What’s more, Grubby Hands functions alongside our existing physics grid tech, meaning that the game has the ability to do everything from flip pancakes at zero G to broil a steak at the center of a neutron star.

ESTIMATED DELIVERY: 2944. 2945. 2946.

Sidebar : Useless Design Table

Ham 13m 2 SCU
Beef RED 42
Idris Pocket Carrier REDACTED
888 TOMATO Null Space

Sandwich Manipulation/Customization Technology

As many of you know, the stock CryEngine includes only limited built-in options for sandwich customization. And for an ordinary game, that’s fine. Titles like RISE: Son of Rome rarely need to render a sandwhich or a burger with more than four layers (a primary meat item, or PMI, a standard topping (ST) and two mirrored bread items (in game development parlance, Exterior Bakeslots.) For Star Citizen, however, we want to give players the immersive freedom to immerse themselves in limitless sandwich possibilities. Imagine a game in which you can build a hamburger with double the meat, an egg salad sandwich with two kinds of cheese or even roll your own wrap. Thanks to the efforts of our procedural technology team, it’s all possible.

What allows this immersive system to function is a highly complex (and very immersive) system of taste-nodes. No longer must a sandwich be built around a single PMI, or limited to inside a pair of Exterior Bakeslot containers. Instead, individual nodes featuring 64-bit precision will allow almost infinite combinations. Individual sub-items are given node markers and are then passed to the client to render on the fly; where previous games would have seen a sudden framerate drop trying to render, say, a slice of eggplant, Star Citizen shines. Thanks to an in-game mobiglas app tie-in, these infinite components can be classified, organized and positioned (with maximum immersion.)

And looking forward (and not to blow your mind all at once) we’re happy to say that this technology is NOT limited to sandwiches. Pizza toppings, fry frying, pancake mixing and even the French Toast Process (FTP) can be accurately simulated to within 1/100th of an immersion unit.

Corn knows what it did. IMPORTANT NOTE: corn is not and will not be supported.

Delivery Career

Designing your own sandwiches is great, we know… but like the saying goes, a sandwich is meaningless until you do something with it. Star Citizen is a game about space travel, so it would not do to simply make you some sort of sandwich gardener. Space food must tie directly to the game’s overall economy system, and we must give our many culinary-minded players an endgame. To that point, we have created an immersive career concept that we believe will carry all of our work to the next level. The system, developed by our top designers over the course of months of debate and discussion to try and create the most immersive possible food career, is as follows:

  1. You put the food in your spaceship.
  2. You take the food somewhere and give it to someone.

Balance Updates

In order to best support the immersive new Grubby Hands mechanics and our general change of direction, the following changes will be made to Star Citizen’s concepts:
  • The MISC Starfarer can now carry up to 50,000 STU (Standard Tasty Units) of marinara.
  • Squadron 42 is henceforth renamed Squadron 57, as a nod to the many varieties of sauces available to the player during the campaign.
  • The Drake Herald’s internal computer core has been replaced with a traveling oven capable of keeping pizzas hot and fresh in the deepest space (except stuffed crust, which gets weird when you reheat it.)
  • The M50 is now the Mmmmmm50, and we’re lovin’ it.
  • The Vanduul Blade, Scythe and Glaive are just three parts of an extraordinary nine-piece Vanduul Cutlery Set, available for a limited time for just three monthly installments of $59.99, plus shipping and handling. At that price, are we insane? Stocks are limited and operators are standing by!
  • The Shubin Mining Station is now a Shubin-N-Out Burger restaurant.
  • Something funny with the Gladiator, I guess.
  • The Carrack is now a kind of salad.
  • A fresh slice ham counts as a pet.
  • Players will have the option of collecting all five of the Banu Mother Sauces, which can be harvested from the distinctive sauce-glands of a Banu hive mother.
  • The Retaliator remains unchanged, with the exception of being renamed the RetalEATor.

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