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April 28th 2017

New Merchandise is Now Available!

New Merchandise is Now Available!

Greetings Citizens,

In an effort to improve our globalization and provide more in-store merchandise, we’re changing how shipping is handled for all our products. Now, all items are ready to ship at the time of purchase and shipping fees will no longer be included in the price of our items displayed in the store. Instead, shipping fees will change based on your country and region. Confused? Don’t worry. Your total will be provided before checkout.

More importantly, we’re now rolling out our next level of merch! Show off your Star Citizen spirit with one of our new “staple” items, which include an all-new Squadron 42 shirt, Star Citizen shirt, Squadron 42 military cap, Star Citizen baseball hat, and Terra-printed mousepad. Subscribers will also have exclusive access to purchase the RSI Polaris t-shirt, which is back by popular demand! If you’re a subscriber, keep an eye on the Subscriber’s Den for upcoming polls on what ships you’d like to see on our future shirt designs.

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