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October 10th 2018

14th, OCT 2018 Available through


Heavy Dropship

In the days of antiquity, the Valkyrie were believed to choose which warriors would die on the field of war, and which would live. Now Anvil is putting that choice in your hands. Seize fate and turn the tide of battle with the Valkyrie. Rugged, high-performance jump seats safely transport up to twenty personnel into and out of the fray; a vehicle bay and speed ramp efficiently launch ground-based transports or reconnaissance vehicles for unmatched support; four powerful VTOL thrusters capacitate surgically precise take-offs and landings; and a devastating array of weaponry blurs the line between dropship and gunship. Available now at all registered Anvil dealerships. Fly one today!

Behold the Valkyrie

The Next Generation

Of Warfare

Hit the Ground Running

With the newest weapon in Anvil's arsenal of victory.

The Valkyrie ups the ante on troop transport. Designed to safely deliver and extract up to twenty fully-outfitted soldiers (as well as vehicles) to and from the most hostile locations, this conflict-ready mil-spec craft is a formidable force. Both offensively and defensively dominant, it's dependable to the end.

Max Crew 5
+20 Troops
Length 38m
Width 28m
Height 9.5m

Anvil Celebrates the

Spirit of Freedom

with an exclusive commemorative livery

Valkyrie 2948 Liberator Edition

For over a century, Anvil ships have distinguished themselves in countless civilian and military combat operations. Honor that proud tradition with the limited Liberator Edition Valkyrie, featuring an exclusive trim package commemorating the ship's debut at CitizenCon 2948.

Available through

October 14th

Fly away in a piece of history, today.

Turn the tideof Battle

Built with military, militia, and private defense contractors in mind, the Valkyrie is the most efficient and effective troop personnel transport in its class.


We offer pledge ships to help fund Star Citizen’s development. The funding received from events such as this allows us to include deeper features in the Star Citizen world. These Ships will be obtainable in the final universe, and they are not required to start the game.

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