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May 1st 2020

An Epic Month Ahead...

Hello everyone,

Thanks to the efforts of developers and backers alike, Star Citizen Alpha 3.9 “Locked up & Loaded” was released to the live servers this week. We want to give a very appreciative THANK YOU to all of the testers who helped us in getting to this point. The team is monitoring everything closely and continuing to work on any issues that arise. There’s no question that 3.9 has generated a lot of excitement, and we want to keep that momentum going! Read on…

Happening Now!

Alpha 3.9

Whether you’re up for a stroll across microTech’s landing zone New Babbage, feeling adventurous and want to explore the three new moons Clio, Caliope, and Euterpe, or going directly to Klescher Rehabilitation Facility, without passing go, or collecting any aUEC on the way – Alpha 3.9 truly offers something for everyone.

Referral Bonus

To celebrate the release of our latest patch and the rework of the friends list and the social systems coming with it, we have launched a bonus event to support your crew’s kick-start into the ‘verse.
If you bring a new player into the ‘verse by the 11th of May, we’ll give you both a Greycat Buggy.

Here’s all the necessary information so that neither of you misses out on your referral bonus.

The Month Ahead!

Fleet Week? Yes, Fleet Week!

Invictus Launch Week, also commonly known as Fleet Week, is the period between Emancipation Day and Armistice Day that marks the beginning of the new year of recruits for the UEE Navy.

To honor those signing up to defend the Human systems, Fleet Week aims to celebrate! What exactly does that mean? An epic Free Fly, special promotions, community contests, and more! Stay tuned…

Theaters of War

Theaters of War (Working Title) is our new game mode that allows players to battle on foot, in vehicles, and in space, and features two teams that fight for victory in three fast-paced, action-filled phases.

We know that many of you eagerly await more information about when you’ll get to play from home. We’re happy to share that time is nigh! We plan on pulling back the curtain and welcoming new players to the Theater for our first test weekend soon.

Squadron 42 Updates

As we mentioned in Calling All Devs, we are committed to continuing to give regular updates on Squadron 42 development progress through a variety of avenues, and we’re looking forward checking in with VP of Development Brian Chambers soon for more information on how the teams are doing!

And more…

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