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September 18th 2020

Fly Like a Pirate

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Terrorize the skies this weekend as you explore your piratical side with epic battles, a contest of lawless sanctimony, and booty befitting the most flamboyant pirate king. If you be lookin’ to throw-in with the saltiest dogs in the ‘verse, you’ve surely come to the proper place.

All ye freebooters who send enough scalawags to a starry grave in Arena Commander’s Pirate Swarm mode will earn the opportunity to pilot your very own Pirate Caterpillar or Gladius into the sunset, having earned the Pirate Aggressor badge.

After besting the swarm and securing your badge, head on over to the Pledge Store to pick up your Pirate Caterpillar, Pirate Gladius, or both with the Pirate Aggressor Pack.

Learn more about Pirate Swarm and Arena Commander here.

Pirate Booty

Now, a pirate captain’s only as good as their trusty ship, and a Drake Buccaneer makes a worthy man-o-war for any aspiring marauder. It’s right there in the name; a mean scrappy clipper for raiders who mean business!

Or maybe you’re looking to fight back and defend the UEE against the pirate scum of Stanton… the Anvil F7C-M Super Hornet will surely have your back.
Pick up or upgrade to your very own below!
Drake Buccaneer - Pirate Day 2020 - Standalone Ship
$110.00 USD
In stock more info Add to cart
Anvil F7C M Super Hornet - Pirate Day 2020 - Standalone Ship
$180.00 USD
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Hoist the Colors

Already flying the Jolly Roger and wreaking havoc upon the spacelanes? We have another way for you to prove that you're the most feared seadog in Stanton. Enter the "Fly Like a Pirate" screenshot contest and show us your least lawful, most piratical activities throughout the 'verse. We want to see how you skirt the authorities, smuggle illegal goods, and plunder some good old fashion pirate booty.

Get all the details and submit your screenshot over on Spectrum here.

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