All 7 Race Tracks | 3.18 PTU | POV [decoupled]

My first laps [decoupled] on the "new" Stanton Race Tracks. Far from being records, but it was fun to check out all locations. [EDIT: Razor was fixed in the next Patch 3.18.0-PTU.8328236, it's slightly faster now.]

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It's been a long time coming! For years (~7 years for me personally) we were waiting for CIG to implement proper racing mechanics in the "Persistent Universe". Yes, we had Arena Commander, but Star Citizen Alpha Patch 3.18 finally brings "RACING TO THE VERSE". Inspired by the work and efford of the Community (looking at you, "XGR" & "SCR") we now have 7 tracks with time trial missions and timers to compete against oneself, before hopefully soon™ there will be even more possibilities like sharing the mission, leaderboards (in-game and on the website), full race missions, more laps and lap count, even more tracks and "graphical" checkpoints... and maybe building our own tracks. So... it is just the beginning. :)

00:17 Caplan Circuit 02:26 Miner's Lament 04:47 The Icebreaker 06:52 The Sky Scraper 08:02 The Snake Pit 09:06 Lorville Outskirts 10:40 Yadar Valley

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