An introduction to the Banu language

¡yuyúfu zuBanu! A practical guide to the Banu language (Part 1)

6 months ago

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As a trained linguist, I have always been fascinated by learning new languages. And while I hardly ever get fluent in any of them, I love diving deep into their syntax and their phonology. Of course I was immediately hooked when I learned about the Banu, Xi’an, Vanduul and other non-human languages that have been and/or are currently being created for Star Citizen. And while all of those conlangs are fascinating and beautiful in their own way, the one that I am currently most invested in, is the one spoken by the Banu people ...


00:00 Introduction

00:28 The creation of the Banu language

02:43 Ochoa (Banu glyph)

04:14 Standard Romanized Banu (SRB)

05:12 Banu vowels & consonants

05:26 Vowels: æ, a, u, i, e, o

06:05 Syllabic stress

06:34 Consonants: b, p, d, t, g, k

07:10 Consonants: z, s, ts, dz, j, ch

07:41 Consonants: m, n, l, r, w, y

08:10 Consonants: v*, f

08:32 Consonants absent in Banu : h, x

08:53 Banu names

10:16 Non-gendered singular third person pronoun "ulo"

10:34 Banu verbs

10:54 Modal verbs (V.T4)

11:42 Modal verbs (V.T6)

12:28 Survival phrases

13:54 Banu proverbs

15:13 Banu language resources

16:26 Outro: ¡michæ michæ!

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