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Crux Cup 2953 Race Announcement

The Crux Cup 2953 returns in March

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The Crux Cup 2953 is back this March with two official 1 hour races to support its 6 racing classes.

Return to Crusader, Orison to race the Ahumahi Ring in the most epic multi-class endurance spaceship race ever seen in Star Citizen. Prove you're the fastest in the empire or set a unique track record, there are both 1st, 2nd, 3rd and spot award prizes. All skill levels and ships are welcome, there is a racing class for you!

Official Race 1

Class Group B

OPEN - Any other ship not in a dedicated racing class

AURORA - RSI Aurora model ships

HEAVY - Industrial, large and capital pilots, see racing guide for whitelist

Saturday, 25 March 2023 12:30 UTC

Official Race 2

Class Group A

ACRUX - Herald only

AX2 - P-72, 350r only

AX3 - Mustang Gamma/Omega, Razor/EX/LX and M50 only

Sunday, 26 March 2023 12:30 UTC

Track days, practice and qualifying sessions will be held leading up to the event. See the full schedule on the Crux Cup Discord.

Sign ups are now open:

New Crux Cup Website and 2953 Racing Guide:

The official stream for the races will be hosted by Croncy:

This race is sanctioned by ARC (ANZIA Racing Committee), it's purpose is to sanction and license racing events and tracks in our roster. To run premiere large scale Star Citizen community racing events annually that focus on endurance and combat racing, as well as provide support to the wider community with its expertise where possible. ARC also creates and awards contracts to organizations to supply players and resources to support its events and roles within.

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